good day walmart shopping

Hi everyone,

Had a very good day. Jess and I went for our monthly walmart trip. I’m so proud of Jess for her amazing budgeting skills especially as that hasn’t always been her strong point throughout life. It’s so hard with only $30 a month and then having to ask my parents for money which I absolutely hate. Especially as my mom’s hours at her job have been cut.

Anyway so we basically got the essentials. If Albany had this stuff for us and it was actually good quality we wouldn’t have to buy it. Like shampoo, pads, soap ETC. Yes they do have it but it’s wicked cheap quality. Like the pads are thin and small. We embarrassed the male nurse by asking how someone with a heavy period uses them LOL!

Also if they had regular snacks when you wanted we wouldn’t have to buy that.

So anyway we got those basic things flossers (really need to make my dentist appointment and worried about my teeth) and air freshener.

So anyway after that we had burger king which was a huge treat. We sat outside and it was cold but sunny and we hardly get any good fresh air.

Came home at four and slept til six.

Hung out. Had a very productive Anna session.

She said she couldn’t imagine having dealt with everything on my mind the past week or so. I explained everything and she just listened. She was totally into helping me research stuff. She did say Peoria is in the middle of nowhere. She has friends there and has heard of gateway. She doesn’t know about Edens. She wants to help work with getting services for me hooking me up with it.

She said whatever I choose to do whether it’s going back east, or gateway or whatever that as long as I’m motivated and feel it’s right for me I’ll do well. If not it can be the best idea in the world and no one could force me to do it because yeah just won’t happen. That’s a good summary of the personality of Sammy!

We talked a little about the culture around mental healthcare in the east and west coasts verses the mid west. She said it’s night and day, and that the mid west is slowly turning the corner slowly.

She addressed the issue this week about my feelings on people saying blind people can’t come here and actually said, after saying she wouldn’t ya know not supposed to, that the person who told my friend that was wrong. I was like yay! In my head.

I love her for that. She totally reminds me of Edith just says what’s on her mind. Just soo herself.

She does throw in references about wanting to leave, like she won’t be here forever and wants to work with kids and teens but will take all her experiences here and what Mr. J taught her. So it’s hard to say how long she will in fact be here. I think I see now why she said get as much done with her as possible before she leaves. I think she can help Jonathan not be overwhelmed and forget to help with things though I’m sure they’ll work together.

So yeah it was an uplifting talk. She’s really there for me and it was so good to see.


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