Had a turning white episode this morning

So I’ve told everyone about how since I was a kid I’ve had these episodes where I get wicked weak and dizzy and like feel like I’m gonna fall over.

I get a cold sweat and like yeah just totally drained and dizzy.

I’d do it on school trips and freak everyone out. The Dr. wrote something in my chart I just forget what but it was generally understood I had them they would pass once I sat down and had sugar in me so yeah.

I’ve had them a few times since being at Albany. I had them at Friedman and I guess almost passed out in the dining room waiting for my lunch. Because my head fell back and everyone was like Sam Sam!! And this cute elderly woman with some sight was like hey you got your color back! After I ate.

But anyway so nothing in my chart currently. Guess people don’t think it’s a thing to be worried about.

It usually happens when I’m over hungry. But what’s so weird is it happened five minutes after I ate. I had oatmeal and juice. I usually have a little more for breakfast if they have something I’ll eat. But it shouldn’t have done that.

There were no people around like no med line yet at the nurse’s station. One of the cnas who is really like burnt out hardly talks to you, hardly does anything was going on about finding mold in my water bottle. No one else had found this and I was amused that she was actually getting animated over something. Then I started to get dizzy and said twice that I was feeling weak and dizzy and needed to sit down. The nurse did get up to come get me to go behind the nurse’s station but I ran back and just sat down. I had a cold sweat and everything but just waited. Being a nurse’s office they have ya know the usual medical stuff to asses someone. Well no one did anything. When she was done with the water bottle cleaning and lecture the CAN made me actually get up and go to the med window, which is so dumb as I was sitting there and why make me stand. I mean they didn’t know if I was still dizzy or anything. And then I took my meds and left. Jess was very upset they did nothing. We listed off a bunch of nurses and cnas who would have noticed and done something. Like observe me like a hawk test blood pressure maybe blood sugar ETC. But nothing.

I just wonder if I should have like yelled I’m dizzy Help!! Or something to get their attention and it’s my fault nothing happened. It was the weirdest thing and I will ask Jonathan what he thinks.

So yeah that was like the highlighting excitement of my day.


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