good day today

Today was productive.

Yesterday I had contacted a therapy center in Peoria. Many don’t even have websites because they’re based out of the hospitals. But anyway this one did, and had an e-mail. It was like I was telling you all solution focused people. So I asked if they first took Medicaid and then also asked about that, if they could recommend a relational therapist because I couldn’t do CBT.

Well this woman Kelly was really nice we e-mailed like five times. She said that most of them do adapt to what people need. And recommended a few specific ones that lean a bit more that way, but said most are good. They do take Medicaid. Something about needing to go in person to an office to bring paperwork. Which is stupid and likely Jonathan can help us sidestep that. Because we basically have to have psychiatrist at least, set up like right away. She said their psychiatrists don’t take Medicaid only therapists do. She said she felt bad since she’d given me such good news on the therapists.

Anyway she recommended another center, the human services center which is like the main one where other offices link off of. And said they would provide Medicaid psychiatrists I also asked about day treatment and groups and she said they have that, the big center place.

I’m still not intirely thrilled. I love having more choices personally like being able to pick a therapist for myself but I probably never would have picked Jonathan and look what happened there LOL!

I’m so worried the psychiatrists will be full for like months as can happen. If there’s a lot of like gaps and them saying we’d have to wait on a psychiatrist then obviously we wouldn’t move. You don’t know how hard it was for me at least, to have to handle outpatient services at Friedman. The reason I had that med interaction was I saw like two different psychiatrists at different times and not regularly.

Kelly understood this. She had said we could have our PCP handle meds and I was like no way! My awesome pediatrician tried to put me on Zoloft which I’d been on before and is pretty straightforward. She totally put me on a higher dose and I was having all these side effects and of course my mom said I made it up. Anyway I got it straightened out but I will not have a PCP do psych meds. Because they just don’t have the training.

But over all I was happy about that. Copied Jonathan and Anna on all e-mails. They’ll have a lot of e-mail LOL

I wrote a careful e-mail to Krista from Gateway about why don’t they have any basic mental health services, considering that’s a huge issue for like probably almost all people seeking supportive living. Told her to ponder the question and haven’t heard back so hoping she’s pondering and not upset I asked it.

Haven’t heard from Edens yet, Julie who was always quick to respond in the past which is strange but I’m sure we’ll hear soon and do a tour in the next few weeks just to see if it’s for us or not and if it can stay on the table of options or not.

Tomorrow I’m really really hoping I can see Jonathan finally!

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