OK day dietician and tech issue with voice sense and ipod

Today was ok I guess.

Well the morning was hard. They paged me to go see my medical Dr. which I didn’t even know was needing to see me, they often put the list up late and then Jess has to look at it no one actually tells you til it’s time it’s really screwed up.

Anyway so I was startled awake about it then went down and he wasn’t in yet. And since I feel like I just saw him, and I literally don’t have anything to say (I mean there’s the turning white routine but he can’t do anything about that) I decided to just skip.

Maybe I should try to change doctors. Now that I know I’m not moving out like now. Always knew that but went through this weird thing in my head where I was like what’s the use of changing doctors I’ll be leaving soon. Just don’t even ask my mind is so weird with this moving and staying thing.

Anyway Jess’s doctor might be a bit better who knows. Though not much.

Anyway at lunch met the dietician. We talked while I ate. Told her about everything. She didn’t have any ideas on the turning white thing Karen thought she would but I don’t know. Didn’t mention diabeties or anything.

Anyway as I thought she really had no thoughts. Except taking med pass which is their version of insure. She tried to tell me it’s just like ice cream, with that really unconvincing voice you use when you try to get kids to take medication and say it’s soo good when it’s disgusting!

I was like no. Plus it would be this thing where I couldn’t just go up and say I needed it, it has to be ordered like they’d have to give it to me every day or not at all. Stuff in nursing is just weird as you know.

I figured there wouldn’t be a large amount of alternative ideas based on my care plan. So yeah I wasn’t surprised.

Really really hoping that the new place we go to has better food!

In the afternoon had ipod issue. Well v oice sense issue. I use the voice sense to read stuff on the ipod kindle books. Which is all I use the ipod for anyway. Because I hate voice over.

But randomly today when I turned the voice sense on plugged the ipod in and everything it like shut it off, the voice sense like the battery was dead or something. But the voice sense once you get it on again is charged fine and ipod is charged fine. And it works fine off the charger. So I have no idea! Really mad if it is like broken!!

Can’t find anyone to help me like right this minute and I’m impatient as usual.

So we’ll see.

Other than that not much. Jess skipped therapy due to not feeling well plus really high winds that would have blown her around Evanston. So I’m glad she was home safe.

Tomorrow heading to her school so she can take a test. Friday will see Mr. J he said so and he has no court so yay.


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