productive couple days: Fixed Braille Sense, had great Jonathan session


So haven’t posted since Thursday I believe. Thursday not much went on. Went to Jess’s school and she took a test. The internet was acting up that day for me too.

Yesterday was really good. It was really frustrating to have to go down twice to try and see Jonathan. Because of course he forgot the time we had said because it was different from our regular time. So we went all the way down there and he wasn’t there. He said come back in an hour and a half and I was really skeptical but he was there! And rareing to talk.

Like I told you the Braille sense was majorly acting up. It wouldn’t connect with the ipod. So he spent like half our meeting helping me with it. He got Anna into it and everything. He’s just a big tech nerd and that’s why he was doing it, not to help me but because he can’t put down anything tech LOL!!

So of course when it didn’t work he was like looking up more stuff and totally like entranced in it and I was like ok! We need to move on now LOL!

I think he was hoping to take it apart with his friend Stephan like he did the m power.

No such luck. I found this guy Sam Taylor, shout out! Who lives in Australia and works with the Braille sense for a living.

So I guess it needed an upgrade. He was like you’re really behind on your upgrades! I had no idea obviously. I literally only use it to read on the ipod. I just love my m-power too much to do anything else on the new one.

So anyway we did the upgrade. At first he was like you can go online on the thing, and I’m like I’ve never done that before. So he sent me the files and I put it on the disky as Jess and I call it, and it upgraded. Took like five minutes!

And you know what else is working? The on switch. It wasn’t working at all since I started using it. And the person who sent it to me months later tried to say it was my fault for letting the thing “sit” somewhere. Yeah ok. I thought it was a physical switch problem. But it seems to work. That should save the thing from all those resets.

So I’m very proud of myself. I did it without Robbie! But Robbie is still in the job of helping me with everything I only did it by myself because he doesn’t have a Braille display. He doesn’t know Braille but I’ll teach him!

Oh so the rest of the Jonathan meeting once he got off the tech high. It was really good. He said he would call Gateway, and Edens and anywhere else (too bad we don’t have really anywhere else) and ask them about how do they emotionally support their residents? And say ok I get that you don’t provide mental health in the facility but do you work with the providers from outside in any way? Which are exactly the questions I wanted to ask but couldn’t get worded right. Plus as a clinical director he can probably get better answers than almost anyone. So he’ll give me an honest assessment of the places and we’ll go from there. So that made me feel good.

Other than that not a lot else. My sister is going to FL for spring break I think it is. She was gonna skype with me but can’t get ahold of her.

Oh forgot to say! Made a dentist appointment for Monday. Dr. Anderson’s office is the strangest place. They have really weird hours like don’t open til two and aren’t open like a couple days a week but they always have openings. I called yesterday and got an appointment Monday. I’m anxious as always. Want to make sure my fillings are ok and I really really hope I don’t have cavities! Like any more. I just had those two little ones a year ago. So I’ll bring Jess and Mr. J stuffie and hope for the best.


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