Dentist appointment yesterday: Swollen gums and chip in back molar

Hi everyone,

I thought I wrote this yesterday but guess not I was tired.

The dentist appointment was surprising. I admit I don’t take care of my teeth as much as I should. I’ve never been good about brushing in the morning. Except when I lived at home and my mom reminded me about it.

And honestly will forget to brush at night sometimes. And I know flossing is important but I sometimes forget that too. Or lose the flossers which happened a couple times. Also my electric toothbrush that’s supposed to be best for your teeth and gums breaks so easily. Like decides to just stop working won’t turn on ETC.

So there’s all that. I noticed the day before that my gums were swollen which often happens. But I told Jess well she probably won’t be happy about this!

But I didn’t think it would be the whole issue.

I did ok anxiety wise. Getting to the van on time, the ride someplace at times, and waiting can all cause anxiety for me. I did take an ativan in advance so was ok. It was hot and crowded in the little waiting room.

Got in there and Dr. Anderson was like I don’t know what happened. Last time I saw your mouth it was all nice and shiney! Now it’s all swollen!

So she had to do a “deep clean.” She said that it was hard for her to see everything with my teeth around any new cavities because it was so swollen. She did say that believe it or not, I had a chipped back molar. Later I had Jess look and show me and I felt it and it felt very small if there at all. Have no idea how this happened.

Anyway because of all this I have to come back so have an appointment for the 31st. Another deep clean and either smooth the little chip thing down or do a filling. She had said she wasn’t sure if I had another cavity because she couldn’t tell. I don’t know if she meant the molar with the chip or something else.

Jess was there and she talked to her about it too. Jess is helping me with salt water rinsing watching me brush and looking at my teeth. So it’s a joint venture. I feel really secure with her coming to my appointments so she can support me with whatever is happening.

So hoping for the best.

Told my mom. She said she wasn’t surprised and said the food could be part of it. As in saying ice cream is a supplement is just crazy! She also says, and she says this for everything, that my psych meds could be causing it or contributing. Never heard of that but when I posted to a support group I’m in someone said they heard this. That all long term meds mess with your teeth and gums. My mom said that with her inhaler it even says after you have to rinse with mouthwash because whatever stuff is in that is bad for your mouth.

So yeah. I’m beyond relieved that I have this dentist and that it’s under Medicaid. They better pay for this extra appointment! Jess says it’s the facility’s problem if they don’t which is ture. I know many others would have no idea how to find a dentist on Medicaid. Actually should give the contact info to people I know at other facilities mostly where Robbie lives.

Any thoughts on psych meds and oral health?

One thought on “Dentist appointment yesterday: Swollen gums and chip in back molar

  1. so happy your looking after the issue and seeing a dentist regularly. sometimes thats the most difficult thing for me, because dentists trigger the crap out of me. xxx

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