good day got a lot done


So today was a really good day. Finished The Girl who Just Wanted to Be Loved which I reviewed and loved reading.

Started my assisted living under sixty five support and advocacy group. Wait did that yesterday I think? Anyway so yeah. We’re gonna create a survey about people’s needs around this, what people would want in a facility, location, cost ETC. Hoping the group will take off.

Talked to mom and Krissy. She was so busy she didn’t get a chance to skype with me but we talked for a few minutes. I never know when I’ll next talk with her. Sometimes I worry she’ll get out of college and just float off to Africa or the north pole or something and disappear into the world of animal science/ being a warden in the forest or something! I’m not even kidding. I’m like why don’t you start a farm group living place for people with disabilities. I’d actually live there if she started it because I’d make sure there were really good indoor options for stuff and like super good wifie LOL. But she’s always like no don’t want to LOL!

My mom’s ok I’ve been worrying about her as she’s been having really bad stomach issues getting sick after eating for who knows how long. She puts things off so much and I just hope it hasn’t turned into something really really serious. But she’s going to a specialist Friday.

I was a bit concerned about who had paid for the plane trip to and from FL where Krissy went for spring break. Because if my parents did then we would have a problem. They’re whole mind set around me not being able to come home to visit is lack of money. But I guess it was her own money she saved. She does a ton of work at the horse barn when at home.

So that’s been my day.

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