Did a signing video today

Hey everyone,

Below is my signing video for today.


It’s interesting how different people see different signs. Like I guess it’s like English people have different accents so hear the same word differently.

Mr. J when he saw the video was saying I was signing “go” for “sign.” Robbie also said this back when we worked together that one time.

But Jess is copying off the signing time video and Rachel and her kids are doing it that way. Jess looked at some other sites and there were slight variations. And then the couple versions of “go” looked nothing like my sign word.

So who knows?

Mr. J said that watching Rachel on the video it really does look like how we were doing it.

I guess that’s why Nai and everyone else is so against videos especially with no other like in person support.

I’m hoping when Jess and I ever do move we can find some really awesome deaf, deafblind or other hearing people to connect with.

Talked a bit about signing in my Mr. J session which I’ll post about next.

But enjoy. Please comment on improvements, or tips for Jess to be a better teacher. She needs it shhh. LOL


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