relaxing day finally talked to mom and good food

Today was relaxing. The best part was finally hearing from my mom. She’d been down so long with upset stomach to the point they were putting off her back surgery because they didn’t know what was going on. And she puts off going to the Dr.s so bad. I knew she was going to a specialist yesterday but hadn’t heard anything and called every day and hadn’t heard anything.

Talked my dad’s ear off on Thursday but he didn’t know anything except she was in a lot of pain.

lot of pain.

So she finally answered the phone this morning. She said she had actually gone to the emergency room on Monday night. They did CT scan and said her stomach was so normal it was boring LOL!

Her bloodwork was fine which was good. She was happy but not because she didn’t know what it was. Her primary doctor said that she has a sinus infection and it went to her stomach. So hopefully that’s it and it will clear up. And then she can have her back surgery, the exact thing as her neck surgery and then be all done!

So I was just beyond relieved. Because my mind goes to the worst I thought she had cancer or something because it had gone on so long.

So I took a nice long nap after that. Because ya know I’ve been up at night worrying about it.

Woke up and Jess had gone out in the pouring rain and got a bunch of food! We had subway and she also got doughnuts.

And then later we ordered out chicken nuggets but they forgot the barbecue sauce. Which was bad. But I was soo happy with all the food and it was a very relaxing day.


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