Good sunday skype call with robbie and just relaxed


So had a good Sunday. Just relaxed. Skyped with Robbie. We talked about everything under the sun. And just had a good conversation.

We think we have the issue fixed with my victor player and figured out a way to deal with the problem in the short term. I have to do software updates but probably won’t til tomorrow.

Anyway it was so nice to talk.

Other than that not a lot going on. Facebook stuff. Did some online volunteering. One worry is the bed bugs are really bad in the building. Talked about that when I wrote about my last therapy session. They’re doing everything they can but more and more rooms have it. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to go through all that change and stuff again with cleaning and everything. Still haven’t found the few missing things from last time. Any little itch or spot I find on myself I freak out on. I wonder when Jess will give me a hard shove out the door!

Anyway plans for this week. Friday is the moment of truth on how well Jess and I are doing with my teeth. My gums aren’t swollen anymore that I know of. I wonder what she’ll do about that little chip and if I do have any other cavities. A huge worry about if we did move would be losing Dr. Anderson. It’s so hard to find dentists under Medicaid otherwise. Other than that not a lot going on. Hopefully will have therapy on Tuesday and he’ll have been in touch with some places. Though I can’t blame him if he can’t because of the bug issues.

Other than that nothing really. We’re going to get our haircuts soon maybe sometime this week.

So that’s the week as I know it.


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