feeling better update on the missing things

Hi everyone,

So to update am feeling a bit better about the picture stuff and other missing stuff.

The head of housekeeping came in our room at eight and explained everything. Since they have only a certain amount of space that’s already stuffed full of people’s stuff, they can’t have huge boxes like what Jess’s pictures are in.

So they took all that out of the box and put it in smaller boxes. That was a relief so we weren’t obsessing over the box thing.

Jess looked at what we did have and says she thinks it’s all there. She can’t be sure because she didn’t count everything she didn’t think she’d need to but just wanted the stuff up here for safe keeping.

Housekeeping guy even went down to look for my missing things, toothbrush socks, ETC but we still can’t find it. That can be replaced which is good.

It was good to see his commitment to helping. He’s a Jonathan type person.

One thing we may also be missing is my Braille label maker. Probably similar to the print label maker you put tape in and push this handle and it goes ching kaching LOL!

But hopefully we can find that or buy it again it’s kinda expensive but good for putting labels on pictures I have up, cute signs and under photos so I know what’s on the walls.

It just makes me feel better that he cares this Efram guy. Other really good staff include Robert head of Maintiance, Stephanie (not good PRC but good at getting stuff done) and umm can’t think of many others Oh Nisha the CNAon our floor. But I was thinking of main staff. Karen, Brian and Yosiph in nursing are good. Monica I guess is good. Very clinical but yeah. Karrie can be weird and kinda condescending but she’s also been helpful at times.

Dietary staff are also ok just wish they had better food.

So yeah it’s helpful to have good main staff. And I guess you could say Tossi is good the head boss because he’s run this place for like twenty years or something.

So we’re not in total chaos and it’s not totally horrific. I’m sure other facilities are way worse and having these main people give their all most of the time within a lot of limits is comforting.

Anyway don’t know why I went on that tangent. Just I guess to give a balanced perspective to my readers who may be new and don’t know my whole journey here. And how you do really have to take the good with the bad and there has been a lot of good. Just need to vent and complain every so often and it makes it sound like I hate the place totally.

Speaking of moving have been doing some great research this week on supportive living.

Will put this in my next post.


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