this week has just been weird

So this week has just been totally weird. First the whole issue of us thinking Jess lost all her pictures. Then I couldn’t see Jonathan yesterday.

Today Jess was feeling under the weather. She got some antibiotics and will be better soon. But no way was she gonna take the bus to therapy. She rescheduled for tomorrow. For some reason I was kinda anxious about being here by myself during the time of day she’d be gone. It would be lunchtime and meals are hard even with her there. Plus tomorrow we’re having deep cleaning where they rearrange the whole room to clean around the furniture and I can’t deal with the room all unorganized like that. Jess puts it back together and it’s even hard on her. To have everything all over the place.

Anyway so we decided to have me come with her and use paratransit. It would be a more relaxed time for her she won’t have to worry about taking the bus and everything and I can get out of the building. Even though I’m getting out Friday for the dentist.

As soon as we made that plan I felt a whole lot less anxious which I was happy about.

Really missed Jonathan this week. Not feeling it with Anna as I think I’ve written she’s been so off lately throwing that stupid ball around the room and saying “ok” to everything like she’s not even paying attention.

But anyway it’s been just all over the place. Then the site I volunteer on has been acting up at least for me like slowing down my screen reader, and the whole computer it feels like. So don’t know what’s up with all that.

In other news I finally got the package from my mom! Some stuff we’ve been waiting for since Christmas like she gave Jess a new Matriss pad. And I’d wanted the charm bracelet I wore in high school. And of course the toothbrush and mouthwash. It felt so weird using an electric toothbrush I think it’s been over six months since I’ve done that. Still having huge problems remembering to brush my teeth in the morning or early afternoon. But my gums have to be at least somewhat better than they were two weeks ago.

We made a quick video of us opening the package. Every time I get a package we make a video. I’ll put that in a separate post.

So yomorrow will be interesting. We’re getting picked up at eleven even though the place is five minutes down the street. Just to be sure. We can maybe go to the gift shop and look at the really expensive toys. There was a lady who was totally into the OMG blind girl thing but that’s ok because I got free baked goods. Maybe she’ll be there again LOL!

So will be an interesting day. Good to get out. Read and stuff in a nice quiet area. Then I’ll see Anna tomorrow night. See if she’s more in tune and how many times she can’t catch that ball she throws in the air!


One thought on “this week has just been weird

  1. its nice of you to take jess on paratransit. has she applied herself to get it? hope her therapy went well and you had a relaxed time reading while you waited for her. xxx

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