Another long day: going to Jess’s therapy extremely agitated new stuffie and no dentist tomorrow

So today was hard again.

It was a really really good thing that Jess didn’t go to therapy the usual way on the bus cause it was pouring out.

But OMG was it an anxious time. The ride called us early to go down to the lobby which is always nice and crowded with people doing ten million things at full volume. I swear no one, not even some staff, got the “inside voices” lesson in preschool!

But I did see Mr. J. Walking back and forth a few times. I decided to see him tomorrow at twelve. He said he’d “pull my mental teeth” and then the dentist could pull my actual teeth. Jess said that sounded about right LOL!

So anyway finally after calling them a couple times the ride came. Had to go out there with my hood all half falling off and like a million people in the one little over hang by the door. I was like really anxious. This nursing office staff guy ttried to like calm me down but it was like OMG no!

So we go there. It was nice to be in a separate building. But I couldn’t even relax not even going by the electronic piano that plays itself. Everything was just on my nerves. Oh forgot to say did not take an ativan before leaving probably would be a different story if I had.

By this point I didn’t even want to say hi to Sandra. I thought about just signing “nice to meet you” instead of saying it. Since eventually that will be one use for sign when I’m so overwhelmed and zoned out I don’t want to talk. But by the time she came by I did manage to say hi.

It was a nice quiet area. The only person talking really was the receptionist with a weird accent transferring people on the phone. A couple came in thinking this was the surgery department! They had a long walk ahead!

Oh to top it off right before Jess went into therapy my headphones broke. I only got them in December and they’re really expensive. That made me worse. But I did manage to listen to my player and then did some ipod reading.

Jess thank goodness had a good session in spite of having a very anxious child on her hands.

We went down to the gift shop. Another huge anxiety. There were two very soft lovable take me home stuffies. One was an elephant and one was a monkey. I couldn’t choose. I have trouble making decisions sometimes. The issue is anything at a gift shop is like three times as much as it should be. Except there is this woman that gives cookies and candy for free. Well I think they’re supposed to cost something but like I said yesterday she has a thing for giving me treats.

Anyway it would have been fine if I hadn’t overheard the price. We got into this whole argument about money and what did we really need to spend it on and everything. So we eventually returned the monkey. Of course as soon as it left I wanted it back.

But if she bought both she wouldn’t have money to buy other presents, which she considers both presents. I said I wanted doll stuff including maybe a reborn doll if we can find one for less than $100. So anyway that was not a fun discussion but we got through it. Guess who cried? It’s not even my period or anything!

Then at least ride home was ok. We decided after this craziness today, and finding out that it’s gonna be this bad for the next few days to skip out on the dentist. It’s just been too weird. But we’re keeping Mr. J’s appointment the same. Don’t want to confuse the man. I guess he hadn’t even saw my e-mails I’ve been sending. All the other stuff he’s dealing with.

Anyway we got pizza and I got in my PJS and had a bath. And my new family member Sandra, named after Jess’s therapist, is very happy with the rest of the babies/ children/ tiger that runs things named Jonathan!



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