very long day no Jonathan wrote a lot of places

So today no Jonathan. Was disappointed. But we had one code green (in the afternoon) and one just now, which is medical, and two code yellows. So yeah staff was extremely busy!

But so was I. I was online all afternoon. Well all day basically. Wrote several organizations with residential options in PA.

Clayton House that I’ve had a connection with since 2013 is happy to give us a tour. I said no way back when because of no wifi. They still don’t have wifi in any part of the building besides activity room and they have a computer lab. I don’t know what I’d do without internet in my actual room! Rockhill is the same. Jess says it will get me up doing things LOL.

They have all single room, the only SMHRF that does. They have lots of expressive arts stuff including a real music therapist! They’re also really into peer support which I didn’t think IL did very much of. And Jessica has always liked me.

So it’s worth a look. Margaret Manor North, where we went way back a year ago is still on our list of places that are possible. She mentioned a couple others. She said she’d send a list of SMHRFS if she can find one because they update ya know especially with the new regulations and stuff.

Anyway so that was good to know.

Really the best options are:

Supportive living (the spacious apartment and getting $90!)

Then a smaller less crowded SMHRF

Then probably Rockhill where you get $50

Then another place out of state. Well actually that would be second. If we could do the supportive living and then save to move or visit places in another state. That would be the order.

So yeah! I’m happy with the work I did today.

Didn’t see Anna either. We both decided to just push it to next week. There was that second code yellow as she was coming by so yeah. Really would rather talk to Jonathan than her. I think we’re wearing her out sadly.

One thought on “very long day no Jonathan wrote a lot of places

  1. it sounds like your working things out and seeing what is best for you both which is good! sounds like anna is burnt out already! some people cant hack the job! xxx

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