dentist appointment two fillings

Hey everyone,

So even though for some reason Jess and I couldn’t get to sleep til one in the morning and it was another miserable rainy day out we were determined not to keep rescheduling this appointment and just get it over with. Of course paratransit took it’s sweet time getting here and picking us up from the office. And I was starting to get frustrated and if I hadn’t had an ativan in me I would have been like last Thursday. But I was ok.

She was very impressed with my gums. There was the chip in my molar that I thought she’d just smooth down. But I guess she decided to fill it. Back when I went a few weeks ago my gums were so swollen she really couldn’t see how the teeth were so that probably had a lot to do with it.

But then she did another filling on the other side of my mouth. So I had a cavity there too that I had no idea about. I hate the noise of the thing she uses to clean it out before filling it’s high pitched and you can smell the smoke or whatever from it running and it’s just like OMG!

So then we go wait. And I guess it’s been awhile well a year I think since I got fillings. So I’m not used to how they first feel. Which is like your mouth has plaster in it or something! Reminds me of the stuff they used to make molds of my teeth for braces. So that was just plain irritating. So basically I was being my Sammy self and licking it, biting it, touching it pieces were coming off. So finally got ahold of the ride that said they were coming and I was like really anxious I was afraid this whole filling thing would like come out. By this time she’d already seen some patients and stuff. So yeah she went back in and I guess touched it up. Used the high pitched machine thing put filling again said please don’t eat or drink for an hour. And Jess is like please don’t pick, lick, bite or play with it!

After all that we got home at dinnertime here, so we just decided to order out. So that was yummylicious. My teeth still feel kinda weird especially on the side of that surprise one. So now I have four fillings all on the lower part of my mouth. I’m so anxious on it. Dr. Anderson was laughing with Jess about how I kept asking how many cavities I had. She was like now none! Then I realized I needed to ask how many fillings which I asked like six times and then she answered right. At first she was just counting the two from today. But anyway Jess was like, trust me you need to answer her question she’ll be bugging me til we come back about it!

So now I’m home and have eaten and my teeth still feels weird but hopefully will be good by tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt and that thing she used before filling didn’t hurt it just felt weird like my teeth were being zapped or something. But yeah she’s good. What dentist would do her thing go see other people and then take me back and redo it?

We made my next appointment for September 25.

This really makes me not want to move out of Chicago. I don’t want to lose this dentist and the more fillings I get, without even knowing there’s a problem the more I feel I need to go exactly every six months.

Part of me wants to be living someplace else by September. But then I’m like no way, I don’t know. I think a vacation would solve a lot of this just wanting a change of scene.

But that’s not gonna happen. The one way I can think of to actually save up money would be going to supportive living. So yeah.

Will hopefully be talking with Mr. J tomorrow on all this.


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