Good day caught up with Callie old caseworker and had a walk after dinner

Today was really good. Had a long chat with Callie. She was my second caseworker and left in 2014. She’s now the ombudsman assistant. She really likes going to different facilities and checking things out. She worked at a skilled/psych facility for a year or so she also liked that.

A couple of former PRCS now work over there and she had news about a few others that had worked here when she was there.

She actually hears the big gossip because I guess PRCS are pretty connected so like she knew about Ms. Billy passing away and stuff.

Anyway we talked about moving to a smaller SMHRF. She has heard good things about Margarett Manor north. Which we already know. Doesn’t really know of many of the facilities in Chicago.

But is in support of us doing what’s best for us and impressed with how well we’re doing. So that was an afternoon affair.

Then went downstairs and sadly no Jonathan session. He was in a meeting. Sigh. Wanted to especially talk to him about burnt out Anna and other stuff. But yeah hopefully next week.

Other good thing was went for a walk with Jess to Maine foods. We got oatmeal for me we usually get it at walmart but will be going next week and also got a bunch of snacks plus ice cream bar. It was nice to get some fresh air.


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