Now I know how sighted people feel with a blindfold on, wearing super good headphones

Have wanted to write this for awhile but don’t want to offend anyone.

So my headphones I got for Christmas somehow magically broke. Wouldn’t have anything to do with me throwing them and my player off my bed every night when I’m half asleep or shoving them places.

So it was right at the bed bug time and I asked for headphones because the first thing I got back was my ipod. And Jonathan had these really good new headphones.

These headphones are like ya know when you go to a store that sells CDS or whatever, and the headphones are like really good. With this heavy duty foam material and like almost cups over your whole ears? That’s what that’s like. Plus in the ear part they also have a layer of the regular spongy foam normal headphones have. Plus they have a remote control that adjusts volume and what side the sound comes out.

So this is the part where I don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t want to say I have hearing loss when I wear them, but it does affect your hearing. I don’t mean having stuff up loud. I mean actually just wearing them. Everything is muffled which is kinda nice. The next time there’s a fire alarm I want to grab them on the way to the dayroom and see if it makes a difference to my anxiety.

But like Jess will talk to me when they’re on and sometimes I don’t even know she’s talking. Or I hear her and I get like the last word of the sentence or something. Sometimes because I don’t want to take them off I’ll just try to answer her based on whatever I heard and it’s really funny. Because what she said and what I heard are like totally different.

It’s interesting. I’ve never had that experience with hearing before. There was this show called A Walk in your Shoes where they had this guy put on these headphones that simulated being deaf and he lived with another deaf kid and his family for a week or something!

They did the same thing with a blind person, people from different countries, religions ETC. I wish it was still on or on youtube.


3 thoughts on “Now I know how sighted people feel with a blindfold on, wearing super good headphones

  1. welcome to the world of noise canceling headphones! I have a pair of huge headphones like that but have never tried walking with them on because I thought I would get lost! LOL! They are great for listening to described movies or even books! I love them! But never wear them out of the building! 🙂

  2. What your saying makes sense. The headphones you are talking about sound like noise cancelling headphones and we encourage people to use them when they are unable to filter out distractions. Those things can be a read Godsend.

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