catching you up: May is going to be a busy month!

Hi everyone,

So I know with the exception of my book reviews I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks. I’ve just had so much stuff going on that by the time I’m winding down for the night I’d rather spend the energy/time reading a book or something than writing. It’s hard to put everything into words.

A lot of what’s going on is very positive! Jess and I finally found a cat shelter that will allow me to interact with their animals in spite of being blind and of course that’s such a huge risk they’re taking!

Red Door. I actually did go to them with Erica from Trilogy way back when but when I got settled here the person over there got really bitchy and said they couldn’t have me go anymore. And for a long time it was just no across the board. But they must have changed staff or something because when Jess wrote them they said as long as I was with someone it would be fine.

We’re going to an hour orientation on the tenth! We looked over the volunteer guide and I guess we have to do a lot of cleaning along with just hanging out with the cats (and Bunnies), which Jess is thrilled about making me do LOL! She’ll probably take a picture of me dumping a litter box or at least wiping something down and send it to everyone!

So that’s a huge relief because I know it will be therapeutic for both of us. The other thing is I continue to kick it into high gear around NRS. I got in touch with my former disability services coordinator at Lesley. She’s boosted my confidence in proving I can do this and outlining how. So I sent in a new application, I applied last year but we got so focused on the technology side of things rather than simply if I could actually do the job. So hoping we can start fresh. Now knowing the technology they use I’m able to research everything. I will be doing a screen sharing session with the accessibility manager of Icarol this week, who has been nothing but amazing!

I am still trying to figure out shoretel the phone/computer combination system they use. After awhile of researching I found out that the lighthouse for the blind, in Chicago and other states, uses this product. So will be writing them and hopefully getting support.

Also looking over the training requirements I know much of the classroom training I can easily do, I’ve obviously gotten through school, but in respect to trainings did a forty hour domestic violence training just fine. I would only need materials e-mailed to me and if not could even just take more notes than the average person.

So hoping that she, and other staff there will have the mindset of taking this one step at a time and actually looking at what I have to give rather than the issues that could come up. It’s hard, many of the people I’ve talked with who are blind/vi and who have done this kind of thing have not run into opposition. And I haven’t either until now. But I’m hoping I can firmly but positively get through it.

Then last Tuesday I found out something very concerning. One of my best friends has a mass in her pancreas. They found it when doing a routine ultrasound for something else. She has a family history of cancer, but also of benign cysts. So it could go either way. She has no pain or symptoms right now, and it wasn’t bad enough on the ultrasound to make her have to go into the hospital but it’s still very serious. Because of the family history. And she’s had past medical issues that will always affect her body. Being very overweight, heart failure ETC.

She’s having a CT scan on the 17th. Which is when we’ll know more. We’re hoping for the best which would be that it’s basically something benign that they just monitor through scans periodically.

It’s been very scary for me obviously. I haven’t had a Jonathan meeting or Anna meeting since it happened. Although I did write Jonathan on that day and another day saying what the issue was and how important it was I talk to him. I have less of a connection with Anna, who is doing her best but more and more seems burnt out and the week was crazy. She was supposed to come Thursday night as usual but that didn’t work out. Friday night there was major crisis around here, and today she said she might stop by but it seemed like she was only covering a few hours. In any case, she wouldn’t have the kind of ability to work with me on it that he does.

But still. I process things by expressing my feelings out loud. And besides staff the person I usually process things with is the person who this is happening to. And I really don’t want her to have to deal with my intense feelings about it. She’s been great, and says that my points of concern are valid and we’ve discussed them. She’s been outwardly calm about it and so when I’m crying she’s the one comforting me and saying we’re gonna take it one step at a time.

I am hoping that while we’re going through this, likely the next month or so, that I can see Jonathan regularly. Because I need an outlet.

But I haven’t been scratching. Which is good. I’ve thought about it but it really wouldn’t make a difference. It certainly wouldn’t make him come running, tried that way back if he knows I’m doing it to get him togive me attention he just lets other staff deal with it. So yeah we’ll just have to see.

Other than that I’ve been doing my usual amount of reading and new activity of watching switched at birth which I absolutely love especially the audio description was amazing work!

So hopefully will be writing again like normal so won’t have to write huge long updates!

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange-animated-no-repeat-v1.gif Virus-free.

One thought on “catching you up: May is going to be a busy month!

  1. I’m still here still reading I’m glad your going to be able to volunteer at the cat shelter thats so positive! I hope the friend will be ok and you can see jonathon soon. xo

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