Happy birthday Jess!

Today is Jessie’s birthday yay yay yay!!!!!

We had an awesome day! We went to IHOP and I got strawberry waffle, and Jess got her plain pancakes. (why would you go to IHOP and get just plain pancakes?) Whatever you get is a huge treat compared to food here so yeah. We both had milkshakes and she had two.

Then we came home and I gave her her present of a new digital recorder! That no one from here better steal or throw away or whatever happened to the last one.

I was not depressed (like last year LOL) and we just had an awesome time!

Activities for this week: Cat shelter on Wednesday! Hopefully finding someone to talk to about Shoretel even if it means going around the whole company! Hopefully this internet behaving more. Since Friday it’s been so screwed up.

Hopefully talking to Mr. J about what in house Job I’m gonna do for him so he’ll pay for me going to NRS or the cat shelter. One or the other.

So yeah. Oh and we hung out at dunkin doughnuts after we ate, and got their awesome cookies!

So I’m very happy and so is Jess!

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