I hate bank of america! overdraft fee

So couldn’t blog about this when it happened because internet was so off the wall I’m lucky I could even go online to my bank.

I am usually really good with money. The last huge money issue I had was when Albany suddenly found out I owed them all this rent money and at least I had like the right amount saved. It seems like whenever I save money, which is like super hard around here for all the reasons I post about, something like this happens.

Because of where the first fell, or something, I got my SSI check like four days early. So I decided to just pay rent. I was sure I had enough money for that and pizza. And I think part of it was the internet being so slow connecting and the payments going through. But on Friday I got an e-mail, so glad I could even check it, saying I had overdrawn. Oh there was this one time I had overdrawn by like three dollars or something. So I thought it was like that. No $62! Jess and I were like OMG how did this happen.

Well basically the pizza thing is what did it, like I said somehow I swear it was when that check came in that threw things off plus the internet problems. So that was like $25 which would have been ok. Overdrawn fee $35! It’s like they want you to go over so they get money!

So of course I’d saved like $78 it took me months I was so happy. Well no more it all basically goes to the bank because of this one little thing. I was just like shocked.

My mom’s like that’s bank of America I hate that bank! I started with them because at the time 2008 there didn’t seem to be any banks that did online banking. Plus there was an ATM right at the school. And then when I came out here there weren’t any other banks we could find that had branches/ ATMS in my parent’s area and where I am.

So if anyone knows of anything that would be great. Like a better bank. My mom was asking about credit unions. I have no idea what that even really is. The only way I learned about a bank account was when I got one, LOL seriously so yeah. I’m lucky I don’t have more problems! But my parents are just won over by this credit union thing because my sister has one in the middle of nowhere Maine at her school, and they have one somewhere where they are and they can transfer money to her and I guess it’s all awesome. I’m like okI’m not sure.

But anyway that was my horrible adventure. At least I’ll be getting birthday money soon because it’s my birthday in less than a month OMG! But yeah. So the moral of the story is that SSI checks should not come in on different days than usual! And of course pay attention to your bank account.

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2 thoughts on “I hate bank of america! overdraft fee

  1. I paid off a seniors home loan with Bank of America. Bank of America kept the loan payoff and is requiring her to keep paying or Bank of America will take her home. This woman is in her 70’s and needs to retire but she can’t retire and keep her home. I sent records to every bank regulator who have done nothing.
    What is the point of having bank regulators if they are not going to hold banks accountable?

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