final progress on NRS preparations

So again haven’t been really writing much. Have been so busy with life basically.

So have finally I think got everything together for the National runaway safeline orientation/interview on Monday. To make a long story short I finally connected with the Chicago Lighthouse and the head of tech. Who said the system is 90 percent accessible! And that blind people really like it. He agreed to do whatever he could to help. The most helpful approach I can think of right now would be for he, myself, and the NRS tech person to meet and get on the same page with all aspects of technology as it relates to what I’d be doing. With an expert on board I feel my chances of coming up with solutions are really good or way better than last year, and all this time previously spent stressing and trying to throw together possibilities through endless circular discussions with other blind tech friends! PS, thanks for hanging in there with me on all that! It’s just how I process and maybe I needed to go about this the way I did in order to make that connection with the right people in the end.

Today I also had a wonderful meeting with the head of accessibility for Icarol crisis services. We used an amazing meeting software/ product called Zoom which is free, well one version is. Anyway she was very nice, we had some initial problems getting started but after that it was great. I gave some feedback about easier navigation within the page but in general things were way easier than last year! So that really makes me happy.

It seems like it’s safe to say I’ve done everything I can and probably need to just take my mind off it to be as relaxed as possible for Monday. Like when you are taking a big test or paper and you know you have done everything you can to prepare but are still stressing. Best advice I have heard is to just sit back and believe things will work out.

I’m hoping the more relaxed nature of the orientation will help me be more relaxed in the interview. One thing I want to be clear with them on is that I want the assurance (or not) that I am qualified to start the training process before the tech stuff is explored in depth. As in not to do the thing of last year where the tech was priority and that was to determine my fit for the position. Needing to figure out a tactfull and professional way to frame that. So disabled friends with experience stating such an issue in this kind of process please weigh in or privately message me.

Just really want support in confirming that I’ve done all I can. From those that personally know the extra weight I’m carrying as someone with a disability and who have felt how I feel trying to anticipate any possible issues and having to prepare as I’ve done.


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