insurance complications are crazy friend’s CT scan delayed

So a final update around the gap in my writing. My friend’s scan for the pancreas concern (it’s been called shadows by one person and a mass by the DR) was long awaited for tomorrow. When we heard about the shadows thing we were really relieved as it didn’t seem anywhere near as bad as a mass. But then her DR. kept saying mass. Not sure if it’s an English thing as many doctors here are not native English speakers. Whatever it is soon enough we’ll get a straight answer. Sadly it won’t be tomorrow.

We went down to the office where the person who handles insurance stuff worked. Now keep in mind this has been scheduled for three weeks or so. She got a call from the hospital today saying that they need a prior authorization from insurance to do it. And we’re hearing about this now? So long story short she can’t get it done til the insurance has that form filled out. The office staff, and director of nursing were just as disgusted as we were. They said that sadly these issues of lack of communication crazy paperwork, and that coming between a person and their care are the norm and will likely get worse. Thank you trump!

They said as soon as the form is in they’ll schedule the appointment. I know the first time it was booked out for a few weeks which is why we waited so long. We’re anxious about having to wait some more. Friend asked hypothetically, could they hospitalize her in order to get this scan done. She was told just because she would be in the hospital doesn’t mean it would get done again without that form. Obveously she doesn’t need the hospital right now it was just a what if push comes to shove kinda thing. But that’s totally messed up! That someone could be in the hospital needing a test that they’d have acces to it right there but could not have it performed due to paperwork.

We’re both disappointed. We thought tomorrow would just be The Day when we’d be one step closer to getting a clear answer on all this and moving on.

I am very nervous about what trump’s cuts and healthcare scfrew ups will have on our care here at Albany as well as anyones. I somehow thought the big changes only affected those with private insurance. I figured those uninsured were really screwed, but was pretty sure those on Medicaid and medicare would be fine as they’re state programs with federal imput. But I guess not!

She’s good. I’m proud of her for taking this in her stride and not spiraling. And she’ll see her therapist tomorrow as usual which is good.

Those are all my updates for now. Will try and update more regularly.


5 thoughts on “insurance complications are crazy friend’s CT scan delayed

    • Yeah it really does. Am told it’s sadly the norm these days with healthcare how it is in the US. It’s scheduled for next wednesday.

  1. Albany care has literally let people drop dead in the hallway. If you had followed through with any of your attempts to get out of there your wife might have been getting treatment by now.
    Are you still going to write doe-eyed glowing praise of the shithole now or are you finally waking up to the truth? It is mere steps above a prison for most people, almost no other residents get packages from parents or money for snacks. They suffer, tremendously and you need to appreciate that fact before you start writing that it’s a great place to move into.
    Nobody ever followed up about you turning “ghost white” and getting weak. That problem is still waiting to get worse.
    When your id, social security card and other stuff disappeared, it’s probably likely a cna or a maid or other lowlife used it to open credit cards or help someone enter the country illegally. Have somebody run a credit check on you.

    If Jessica chimes in on this comment it just proves you can’t fight your own battles.
    I really wanted to volunteer at the cat shelter but I was informed the two of you were going to be there, so I will have to wait until you quit over something ridiculously benign.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes I will still tell people that compared to other places around here, and if they do need the shelter, treatment and support that is provided (yes I and staff know that it has its limits) then it is a good place to get back on track. ESpecially administration know that improvements need to be made. They do the best with what they have. I understand that someone with past trauma, or other issues like paranoia might see it as a prison. I see people being treated with respect and encouraged every step of the way to do what’s best for them. As far as I know the moving on program is continuing to work well with residents that want that kind of help. We haven’t left yet because we’re geting good care here, leaving unless absolutely necessary without a plan is risky and dangerous physically and mentally. All the credit cards were canceled as soon as we knew they were lost. I have no issues on that front. As for cat shelters, there are a lot in the area. Just google and there are several possibilities. I’ve heard good things about Treehouse. Thanks for checking in (smile)

      • Hey Sammy. You know, now that Brandon -or whatever the guy’s name is- from the insurance company has been here, I think that things will settle down pretty quickly with that (the stupid rejection for the ultrasound). I’m just glad that he was here so that I could let him handle that little quirk in the system.

        And you should know by now that things crop up when it comes to appointments -this was just one of many that I’ve dealt with here and at the other place that I lived at. Yeah, it’d be nice if we could handle our own transportation and appointments ourselves, but when something crops up like this, it’s nice to know that someone here will help deal with it so that neither one of us looses our temper with the insurance company.

        I still can’t believe that we’re volunteering over at Red Door; it’s a good place to go. When do you want to go back? I am probably going to head over to the place in the next few days. Like I’ve said before, I want to go over at least once a week to see the cats, and to help around building itself. Now that I’ve started taking public transportation (within reason, mind you), it’s a little easier to get around when you aren’t going yourself.

        I do wonder when Yakko and Wakko will be adopted? Heck, I do wonder when some of the other kitties will be adopted. I am planning on taking some pictures when I go in again, as I do have permission to. I want to remember my experiences with each cat.

        At least there is another way that I can help relieve some of that anxiety and stress that I tend to deal with regularly.

        Anyway, I doubt that there is anything majorly wrong with the pancreas. Probably just a cyst or something, since I’ve had issues with those before (just never in the pancreas). I still don’t like the idea of something being wrong with the pancreas… but I’ve dealt with some pretty bad health issues before… I can handle this too.

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