It’s the night before the most important day of my life LOL!

I can’t believe tomorrow is NRS orientation!

This is like the most important day in a long long time! I’ve been wanting to do this hotline since I knew I was going to Chicago. I remember meeting one volunteer coordinator when I was at a local college with the Friedman place activities department. I didn’t have the time at that time but wish I had because she seemed a lot more friendly than the person we have now. She has an amazing linked in profile. I think she still volunteers on the weekends. Have tried to contact volunteers who have gotten mentions in their newsletters on facebook but totally get why they wouldn’t want to respond to some random girl.

Anyway I’m beyond excited I feel like this is like heading into a voice recital all this preparation and just having to sit back and say I hope everything goes like I planned! I’m confident I’ve done all the research and connecting I possibly can at this moment. I’m hoping there will be a lot of other people wanting to volunteer and it will be a relaxed two hours. I know at the end she does individual interviews, and I’m hoping mine doesn’t go back to the blind tech aspect. Was told by someone I trust to just steer the conversation to my qualifications ETC which is what it’s about tomorrow. And that we can discuss tech later. I’m actually really relaxed and optimistic. You’ll know if I get to be able to start training you’ll hear my Sammy squeal from wherever you live including friends from Ireland!


3 thoughts on “It’s the night before the most important day of my life LOL!

    • Wish you were with me! I’m totally gonna get you to volunteer with crisis textline someday soon though! By the way my hair looks really shiney and clean I think it’s better than yours LOL!

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