my friend had her scan and transportation issues for her this week

Just to keep everyone updated. My friend who has the pancreas mass/ shadows thing, that they found during the ultrasound had her scan yesterday finally! It had been rescheduled and then took a long time to get going in the first place, as in awhile to schedule.

I’m so happy it’s over with and it’s just sinking in today that we’ll have the results and it could be good or bad!

I’m hoping for the best and know there are huge advantages of living where we do with 24 hour nursing. Even if they mess things up sometimes in the appointment/ transportation department.

Like just tonight she got an appointment slip for a dentist appointment she never scheduled. It must have been scheduled and no one bothered to tell her. Obveously she’ll be talking to the person who handles appointments, insurance calling and all that. She’s been here forever and does not take no for an answer! I would not want her job!

So earlier this week when she was going to her heart doctor appointment, (where we’re still waiting on the CPAP for her sleep apnia) and again yesterday transportation was crazy. The company we normally use and love is gone. Cuts and all that.

This company is terrible. Both days they were late with pick up or drop off or both. Yesterday going to the appointment they had the wrong address, refused to take her to the right address, refused to take her home and basically yelled at her to get out of the car! She had to wait in a facility lobby, that he happened to be stopped near for someone high up from the transportation company to come get her.

I hope and think that guy got fired. A bunch of people from here including the big boss admin found out about this! Especially the insurance office lady was very protective of her and making sure things went ok.

This is why I like PACE when possible. At least I know they won’t kick me out of the car and you have some way of calling yourself and seeing how long transportation will be rather than just waiting.

They have their problems of course but still. On Tuesday we’re going to her certification for PACE I’m really thinking she’ll get it and it will be great to have us both with that service.


One thought on “my friend had her scan and transportation issues for her this week

  1. You know, I’ll be glad when this crap is over and done with. I’m tired of just waiting to know if things are okay or not. People keep pointing out, though, that if things were really, really bad, I’d have been told by now.

    I know this logically, but it is still hard to wait… and I don’t always trust the idea that if things were really bad, I would have been told already. Things still could be bad, just not… extremely bad. I guess we’ll take it one day at a time, right?

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