Sad news: really good CNA leaving in June due to lack of pay traises


So wanted to write and say how much I’ll miss this one c.n.aWilliam. He and his brother Tony have worked here for many years. William has been here I think he said five years.

When I first met them I was really anxious around them because they were so loud and seemed intimidating to me. But once I got to know them they became really solid supports. They’re very kind and genuinely care about everyone and work hard. Very much like Ms. Billy and some of the CNAS that have been here for a long time and really love the residents.

William really makes sure people do what they’re supposed to. The two biggest challenges for many of the residents here are personal care and medication taking. Somehow he’s able to get that stuff to happen, if not all the time (because that’s honestly not possible LOL) more often than not, and in a respectful and persistent firm manner.

The dining room is complete chaos with dietary making c certain rules around who can come in when, who can have certain types of food (solid, mechanical/ cut up etc) and stuff. It’s easy for the CNAS and staff down there to get into huge arguments which of course escalates everyone. But William very often stays calm and keeps things running.

It’s rare to have that type of person who has been here so long knows the ins and outs of the place, what each resident individually needs, how to slightly bend the rules for certain people/ situations and get away with it, and when not to. All the nuances that are critical in any setting but are so rare when dealing with hundreds of people.

He’s going to another facility. As we’re thinking of moving anyway we were kinda hoping it was a psych place because that would be cool to have someone we know there. But it’s skilled. Pays $14 an hour instead of $7 or $10 or whatever, they deserve way more and hey if there’s a better offer out there especially if they have a family, which he does it’s kinda necessary to take it.

His brother I’m hoping won’t leave soon either. At least we know he’s leaving, he’s telling people with plenty of notice. Which is the respectful and compassionate thing to do but so often does not happen. You often don’t even get to say goodbye to staff you’ve connected with.

So yeah, sad but can’t blame the guy.

He’ll be missed by a lot of people. Like I said people like him are rare.


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