So proud of my big sister geting set up with paratransit!

Today was a big day for Jess. We were able to go out and have her evaluation for paratransit. I’m really happy that IL is a pretty fair state around getting paratransit, what disabilities qualify and actually wanting to make you feel good about it and like I said not humiliate you like some states do. Like trying to find any reason possible to deny you.

The woman who helped us was very very nice. Even admitted that she struggles with anxiety herself. I sat there and put my two cents in but tried to let her talk the most. Was restless and busy balanceing a stress ball on my nose like a seal LOL!

I also very much wanted to run around the little transportation simulator room! They were both like umm no!

The only part that sucked about the place was no really good AC, it wasn’t as nice a building and there was no relaxing fountain. But our ride was good coming and going and we both feel relieved about getting this out of the way.


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