quick post keyboard is a nightmare


Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

My dad was ok. We had an agency nurse today and maybe will tomorrow. It’s not fun because she doesn’t know us and nurses that are regulars know the whole floor and can flip through med cards quickly. The agency ones have to go totally by the book by looking through charts and making sure that matches the person’s actual med cards and stuff.

So couldn’t take meds right after breakfast because of the long line and slow nurse. Sat in a chair for awhile behind the station but it just got way too tiring. Was gonna wait til they were almost over but then Jess decided to wake me up and have me go out when there was still a line. Finally did get meds though so frustrating I was actually thinking about skipping it!

But anyway so I had two naps. Couldn’t do online volunteering because this keyboard is so unpredictable either not typing a letter or typing five of it. Jess wiped the surface down with a cloth but can’t do the deep cleaning like Jonathan can. I know what he’ll be doing Monday LOL!

So really that’s all. Have other thoughts but am tired and hating this keyboard.

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