Awesome birthday yay!

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much to people who put stuff on my FB wall, people I’ve talked to today I can feel the love!

Had a perfect day with Jess! Went to dunkin doughnuts. I got my usual: Strawberry banana smoothie with whipped cream, a turkey, chedar and bancon crossant (the one of a few types of sandwiches I will actually eat) and we got a little container of assorted munchkins each and two cookies each. Plus Jess got a sandwich and hash browns and a vanilla shake! So we ate well and it was a huge treat!

Was able to sit outside in the sixty degrees air for awhile which was awesome not having smokers and stuff around! Then we went home and I had an afternoon nap. I had my bath early and we skipped dinner because we had the snacks and that was a huge present!

Talked with Robbie and my parents. Skype is being totally weird and crashing so we have to use zoom. Which is actually better than skype. I don’t know. Anyway we had a hard time figuring it out but eventually did get to talk with gramma for a few minutes too. The one person I really wished I had heard from was Krissy. She went out with her friends and that was it. I could tell mom is not happy. But anyway. It’s been a great day couldn’t ask for more well except other stuff that you all know but maybe one day. Cupcakes maybe? LOL!


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