my official in person interview with NRS tomorrow


So can’t believe tomorrow’s the day of my official interview!

Has taken me a year to get this far!

At least I’ll know for sure whether I can start training or not. I don’t know the volunteer coordinator’s boss and I hope he’s nice and understanding. I’m hoping we can focus on my skills and how I’m right for the position over blindness stuff.

Still I’m not overly optimistic especially based on previous experience with this volunteer coordinator and organization. It still blows my mind that a national organization would have never had any experience with disabled volunteers before but then again it doesn’t. If you take a person with a disability and another person with the same skills, nine times out of ten the nondisabled person will get hired/ promoted or whatever. I’m hearing this more and more from people who are seeking jobs or other avenues even wanting to attend a class like for fun or other activities. Like how it took forever for me to be able to volunteer at a cat shelter. Rediculous stuff like that totally kills me. Like it’s 2017!

So I’m realistically just hoping I can be heard for who I am regardless. It will be a nice surprise and worthwhile if even that can happen. Sad to think the other people wanting to volunteer from my orientation, or even when I first looked into it last year if interested, probably did their training or will do and be volunteers. Really with nothing to it beyond a cursory interview.

So just hoping for the best. Wishing I could have taken another blindy with me, but the only blindy I know has a stutter (Oh gave him away LOL) and so couldn’t do hotlines but also just plain doesn’t like them. He’s cheering me on from his apartment though.



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