tired day close to my period


So today was very tired. Hot and fussy as Jess says fussing and bussing! Did not absolutely did not want to go to lunch but Jess made me or else I just wouldn’t eat. It’s so hot in this building even with the AC in our room on it’s hot but probably because I sit with all the covers on me!

But anyway yeah this building is so bad in the summer hot and smells disgusting because people don’t take baths and stuff.

Anyway in the afternoon just took a really long nap reread a casey Watson book and was on facebook.

Really not a whole lot else. Talked to Kat. She’s having a really hard time with her polydispia which is like your brain stops telling you you’re not thirsty and you drink all this water and it flushes out your whole system. She actually drank from the toilet! Which I’ve heard is common.

Anyway someone said she had diabeties and that’s what it is so will talk to her about that. They said that it won’t stop unless she gets off the a antipsychotics.

So yeah but had a good time talking to her. We’re both just so totally sad and frustrated she’s in the state hospital.

Anyway tomorrow I have my monthly meeting with my psychiatrist which should be fine. I wish we didn’t have to meet with them if we cdidn’t want/ need to. But I guess that’s why we live here LOL!

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