catch up on the week: jess struggling and new friends

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been writing this week. It’s been kinda crazy. My whole hormones are off about my period the last couple months might be the weather. But anyway it’s made me feel like crud for several days without fully getting my period. Only women would understand but trust me it’s annoying!

So that’s affected a lot in terms of energy to do things even write here.

Then starting around Tuesday but more Wednesday night Jess got in crisis. As this is her story to tell I won’t get too into it, but will say I’m so proud of her for doing things differently. Letting go of certain behaviors that have made these situations so much worse for her in the past.

So that’s been quite an up and down. Especially anxious for her as she had such awesome care around her past psychiatrist and hospital unit. Now she’s trying to get a new Dr. since the one she got after psychiatrist left was completely a no show half the time. With her illness how it is, and of course decreasing hospitalizations is a good goal, if you need the hospital you need the hospital. The unit of Masonic hospital really understood that and was a place for her to recharge and then come back at least somewhat refreshed and with med changes.

We’re hoping for her to get switched over to the Dr. that I have who personality wise is so much like Fyazz. She does go to the terrible St. Mary’s where I went my two first hospitalizations here. They do nothing all day there except lay around hardly any groups. The total opposite of how the other unit works. I would really worry about her going there. They seem emotionally neglectful though physically is fine they have good food and stuff but emotionally no therapeutic environment.

Anyway she does have her caseworker working on the switch which I’m happy about. Am really curious about how psychiatrests or any doctors, get chosen or are able to come out here.

Anyway so there’s that. Just a lot of anxiety about her situation. Having her in the room only seeing me a few hours a day and not at night makes me remember that painfully long stretch of time she was there earlier in the year. Just brought up a lot for me the whole trigger of the situation/ topic was so unexpected to me when it came up and will have far reaching implications for something very important in her life right now. So that’s also weighing on me.

Other news. Two PRCS are leaving. Well one left a couple weeks ago I think. Will be very curious to hear from Anna as the woman was her office mate. Another one Krystal, who has worked here about as long as Edith did is moving. She definitely did her fair share of time here for this position so no hard feelings or surprises about that. Augusta is our newby still. I wish this one male PRC we have, he belongs as a tech at the apple store or at a college party not in this job!

I’m really hoping one or even both of the PRCS are guys. We just need that right now.

It doesn’t help Jonathan went on vacation and didn’t tell me which is big. We’ll talk about that when he comes back! Anyway I have left messages and e-mails about that he better be back and telling him the situation with Jess. And just everything. Hope to see him Tuesday!

Have really been connecting with people in this online/ phone peer community. A very open diverse community of members mainly dealing with emotional struggles, there for each other and encouraging alternatives to the mental health system. However as long as you are nonjudgmental and a big part of the group is about being open to others experiences and learning and growing together. It’s been such an interesting process as I’ve learned more and more about the peer support, and psychiatric survivor movement. I’m meeting people who have been so badly let down and the “treatment” they’ve gotten for them, has been the trauma. And talking about ways they’re able to figure out a healing way forward is really an eye opener.

It’s an interesting dynamic as we have people like me, where I sort of represent the dominant viewpoint/ culture around favoring traditional mental healthcare, though in my case I really do see the complete need for changes and am very clear that many things are not right about it. That said as the mental health system has been my only access to support that’s colored how I’ve received things. I never knew alternatives existed. As I learn more I’m likely to be embracing some alternatives while others I will stick to.

However open minded I try to be there are many that are afraid of hearing this and having people around who have these beliefs. Because it represents the system of trauma they got so much of.

So it’s an interesting discussion. Something I will say about the group is it seems to be a place where those who have trouble fitting in with other online groups might find a safe place. And an added bonus is that Sarah the group founder has worked really hard on this phone chat line, accessible 24 hours a day. I think that’s awesome and a huge plus. So Hoping to be a part of the group and feel good about things. I’m already making a couple really good connections with people in the new England area, which excites me beyond belief. I know there is no rushing in or expectations as we’re just getting to know each other but would be awesome if they turned into in person friends.

I can let people know more about the group privately if anyone wants to and to connect with Sarah before joining the online group.

The phone aspect which has been the main format for several years is the following

• By phone: 331-205-7196, no pin (To block caller ID – Dial *67 first)

• Toll-free (if you need it): 855-661-1243 (no pin)

• By computer (use a headset for best results), click:

• International local access numbers:

And here is a post that talks about what these support groups are

I hope that helps people and hope I can meet new people as a result of sharing this information


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