Introduction To Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson psychic and shamanic healers

So you’re looking at this post and are like, “am I on the right blog?” This can’t be on matters to sam!

Yeah you’re in the right place Will be reviewing their books and I know they’re the last thing you’d possibly think I would read. Me too If it hadn’t been for my awesome connection with the author!

To back up, when I went to Middlesex community college in 2008 there was a psychic fair going on. With a group from a small organization called Aquarius Sanctuary and bookstore. It was in westford. It was a place where people into holistic healing, psychic readings, and all kinds of earthy stuff had their business. There was a building where they had their offices and then the bookstore. They would have groups and stuff at the bookstore as well. I wish I had been able to be more envolved and meet more people sadly after that summer I left.

Anyway there was a psychic fair my last semester before heading off to Lesley. My dad was the one that took me, we had no idea about it just happened to be having lunch. I decided to have my tarot cards read even though I’ve never even heard of tarot cards. The woman had a calming voice. Her name was Lorna. The girl ahead of me was like having a breakdown over whatever she was being told like couldn’t catch her breath and was in tears, so I was like ok umm I hope this isn’t like wicked scary. But to her credit this lorna got her to calm down.

Anyway so like I totally don’t remember a thing the lady said. But I was interested in learning more about this bookstore/ holistic center place. It was also near my birthday I was turning twenty and heading into the huge journey of leaving home and living at college. With a huge amount of stuff going on at home that was not good.

So I went on the website looked through the different people. Bety Comerford caught my attention because she did pet readings. I’ve heard of Sonia the pet psychic on TV and no one believed anything she said when I told them about the show. So I wanted to see if Bety could know stuff about our pets that no one else could ever know. Plus it said she helped people like sort out issues in their lives and stuff. So I signed up with her. And I made my family do it too LOL!

She was amazing. Like psychic gifts aside she was and is just a plain good listener and nurturing person. I was only seeing my psychiatrist once a month at this point, and had a ton going on. That first time though was really fun. She looked at all the pictures of my pets: my/ my mom’s cat, our first, that was near the end of his life. She said so and it turned out he died that September. My awesome Guiney pig who she said was the smartest one she ever met. She tuned into our dog that died, described Simon my sister’s cat perfectly, and saw a picture in her mind of Lucky cuddled on my bed which is his favorite spot.

I was personally impressed. My family also enjoyed themselves and they’re pretty skeptical.

So we connected that summer. Somehow we got talking about me and she said I had psychic gifts and stuff. I wasn’t sure never really have felt connected to spiritual stuff then or since. But do firmly believe if someone is invested in helping others especially in a healing framework, however they’re doing it is cool with me.

I needed a healthy hobby to occupy myself that summer. So I got the cards and she and I went over how to use them, how to connect with a spirit guide (I did actually somehow connect with the personality of an older girl but then months later it disappeared), and other things. Generally she just listened to my emotional ramblings about my alcoholic mom, being physically trapped in the house being blind with no public transportation and all the pressure I was under. She used her principles of energy healing and spirituality to try and put things in perspective which I listened to, but the most important role she played was that of a nurturing figure, a sort of second therapist for awhile.

At the very end of the summer I met her teacher Steve Wilson. A really tall kinda mysterious guy. Like actually like how you’d think a male healer would be. Very in tune kinda scary how much he could pick up within two seconds of meeting you. Met him at that bookstore for like a minute and I was like shocked. Like total mysterious wizard vibe going on and I’m not even into Harry Poter LOL!

But Bety said this guy could help me, and more importantly my mom if she chose to get help with the million issues that were really hurting us at home. I’ve never been one to work with male anyone especially doctors or whatever but Bety would be there. We did it in his basement. It was pretty cool except he had the most annoying bird! Some kinda parrot or cotitail or something made the loudest screech ever. Now that I’m more sensitive post breakdown it would have been totally overwhelming. Wish Bety had been able to converse with her to keep her distracted from screeching away. But they were both like doing the reading together. Again I don’t remember many details. Except he said I had “second sight” and that I “chose” to be blind, which is so totally s stereotypical thing to say to a blind person but hey whatever. He was nice about it.

So went to college. Connected on and off with Bety. I interviewed her for a class. No matter what she was always a phone call or e-mail away.

Went down the path of Linda Marks and Emotional Kenisthetic Psychotherapy (whole other story!). And in so doing had really disconnected with my family for the first year of college. And had finally reconnected and was planning to do family therapy. Had been talking with Bety lately and she said another healing with Steve might be good. So went from Cambridge down to concord and had another really good time. He said that my guides “love what you’re doing, but proceed with caution.” Well I had no idea what that meant. I wanted to know the ins and outs of how things would go with my family. You can tell Bety and Steve are the real deal because it’s not like TV. Like they don’t just make up whatever to please someone. They’ll tell you whatever they pick up on whether you want to hear it or not. And talk a lot about free will and how anything they say won’t matter at all if you don’t take actions in whatever direction. Something I always remember is she said she could tell someone they would win the lottery but if they didn’t go buy a ticket it wouldn’t happen!

So back to not telling people what they want to hear. Often they say these spirit guides don’t want to give away stuff, because they want people to learn whatever lessons the situation is trying to teach you or they truly might not just know. So in spite of a lot of different questioning tactics I got nowhere with that. Steve tried to tune into Linda, and was blocked. I thought that was odd. I thought blocked meant he made some kinda mistake or something. So I asked about it. Which is where I learned the thing about guides not wanting to disclose certain stuff. So of course I tried a few different ways to get the info anyway but it didn’t work. Tried asking Bety and again nothing. Steve said that I needed to have Linda on the pedestal that she was on right now, which ended up being so true! Again long story, short version therapist abuse!

.So after that didn’t really talk much for a long long time. I eventually heard about that they’d written a book about ghost hunting. They teamed up with some friends and formed an organization called the Spirit Light Network. They investigate haunted houses, and like actually help the ghosts move on. And also help the people move on from their role in the situation. More on that later. So I didn’t think much about it.

Recently though reconnected with her. Told her all about my suicide attempt (said from a spiritual point of view anyone who ends their life has huge amounts of guilt to work through and like stays a ghost a really long time) I was like oh that sucks LOL!

But anyway we had a couple interesting conversations. Said that since the readings we had I wasn’t totally one way or the other about psychic stuff. Again still not really connected with a spiritual source of healing. However some things happened I just could not explain away. In my last reading with Steve he told me I’d make a good friend. A really good friend one I could be bitchy with LOL! A friendship where we could each really be ourselves. I’ve never had anything like that before. But several years later I met Jess. She fits the description perfectly!

I had another impromptu reading with a psychic friend of a friend. She informed me in no uncertain terms and quite emotionally, that Friedman Place would not be a safe Haven. This was right before moving out there and something I found absolutely traumatic at the time. It took a couple of trusted friends who are skeptical about such things to tell me there’s no such thing as being psychic, she was doing “cold reading” like John Edwards and that’s it. Big sigh of relief.

Well wouldn’t ya know what happened at fp! Took me forever to make the connection and then I was like OMG!

So like it or not there’s something to this. The stuff on tv with the medium and those ghost shows, and all that stuff have truth to them. Many people do abuse it, their talent for this stuff to make money, which Bety and Steve are not about at all. I’ve asked a million questions about my life and friends life without sadly being able to pay them.

I did get their books on bookshare though and plan to help them advocate for them being put in audio.

So I think it’s safe to say Bety at least will be a trusted friend for life. Right around the time she says she was thinking of me is when I usually send her an e-mail. It’s really comforting to not only have such an amazingly nurturing wise person as a support, but also one with connections to things that I may not always understand but that bring useful information to me. And if there really are guides watching out for you your whole life that’s really cool!

Below are the websites of Steve and Bety, and the spirit Light network

Bety and Steve links to their bios, books on empathy, videos, link to Spirit Light Network and more. Current appearances in New England


2 thoughts on “Introduction To Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson psychic and shamanic healers

  1. I believe in psychics and mediums and I like angel cards and spirit guides and stuff. I also like those sort of psychic fares. These psychics sound good! Glad you connected with them and happy that you have them in your life! xxx

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