today eventfull: upset about headphones breaking and caught rent mistake


So today has been ok. Still recovering but I can pretty much do stuff on the computer like normal though this afternoon I did get pretty drained.

Anyway the biggest frustrations for the day are first of all the awesome noise canceling headphones are breaking. Surprisingly it’s not to do with the ear part itself. But these headphones are so high tech that they have their own volume control so that determines how the headphones work not the computer speaker itself. Really didn’t fully understand that until it started really breaking down a couple weeks ago. There’s a switch to adjust it and I have had to fiddle with that and the cord for awhile but then it comes back on so wasn’t worried. But yesterday and today both Jess and I have struggled with it.

It’s just frustrating that the headphones themselves work great. I wish it didn’t have that individual volume control but guess that’s how they’re made. I plan to keep them because they still noise cancel fine and having the outside world half as loud has its benefits. But in terms of being able to listen to audio or computer stuff I need either cheap ones from across the street or walmart. At any rate they won’t compare to the ones I have now. Hoping Mr. J can work some magic but doubt it. You never know though. I’m currently not using them and have it on low for Jess’s benefit. It is quite annoying to hear screen reader going all day!

Second hard moment was paying rent and realizing last month I was $2 off. I hadn’t accounted for the $2 raise at the beginning of the year though to my relief all the other months were fine. Just totally was overwhelmed by when I had not paid the full amount last year for months, and they never caught it til I howed them like over a hundred dollars! It was a good catch but hard. Every time there’s the slightest issue with my paying rent I freak out because I’m one of probably a handful of residents that actually pay their own rent, as in see their check before giving it all to Albany each month. Others, and now I think it’s an actual rule, have to have Albany care be their payee so the check goes right to them. They put the $30 in an account. I convinced them on entrance that I needed access to the check because I’m blind. Which is kinda true. It’s less easy for me to receive checks in the mail and stuff. But anyway just always makes me think any minute they’ll back out on my having the check come to me.

But anyway things seem fine and I’ll speak to the office on Monday.

That’s about it I guess.


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