good trip to walmart trying to set up youcaring fundraiser worried about fees or charges

Hey everyone,

Had a pretty good day. Went to walmart. We hadn’t been in a month so needed stuff badly. Jess found one of those ride on carts with a basket on it so I just got pushed around. Honestly it’s needed as there are very narrow asiles and I was always running into people or things and being anxious if Jess walked away and just yeah. I’d also get weak like physically if I was hungry and I walk I get more weak.

So I had less anxiety at walmart and it was easier. But when we got to burger king somehow we were short on time and I had to rush to eat everything. But it was very good.

Then I was anxious because we hadn’t brought my bbackpack and just had Jess’s purse and we had to carry all these bags. But we made it home.

Am hanging out now. Looking more closely into youcaring the fundraising site and am wondering about charges and fees as I can’t afford anything! Getting frustrated and wondering if I could even raise the money at all.

Am so happy that the conference fees are covered but everything else is so expensive. And it makes the most sense to stay at the hotel and not anywhere else as getting to and from would be extremely anxiety provoking!

So who knows what’s gonna happen.

Will have to just see. If anyone knows anything about these fund raising sites just let me know. Also you need a pay pal or we pay site thing and I have no idea what that is and if they hack your bank account or something!

I see people putting up these fundraising things who sound like they don’t have a dime to spare so that makes me think the charges aren’t a big deal but it does look like you’re charged somewhere along the line which always figures nothing is ever free!


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