Long day setting up my fundraiser and resentful at facilities over money

It’s been a very long day!

I spent all day setting up my fundraiser for the trip to MA. The only thing I will do is add to my youcaring page a video as they say that gets more donations/ views.

But spent all day firstly double checking a million times that both youcaring and paypal were as safe as anything online is because if I screwed anything up with the bank my mom would not be happy! Or Albany if it affected my rent

But was reassured by patient friends that it’s all good. So got paypal set up and youcaring, and have my paypal linked to my savings so I’m not tempted or accidentally spend anything if it got put in my checking.

Paypal does seem very cool. Robbie plans to put my paypal link on my blog so people can donate which would mean a lot if I got donations every so often. As we can’t even get good personal care products living here which is what we buy at walmart.

Anyway so it was quite a day but so productive.

Last night I was overwhelmed and thinking there was no way I could raise any money at all. And very angry for like really the first time about how much money these facilities take! I’ve always considered it a pretty fair trade, especially at friedman. And I do think there it’s still the case. Because you get $90 which is like the higest I’ve seen for what you get out of your check at a place. Plus friedman has way better food than Albany and yeah just always thought it was fine.

But Albany and other places like it are so completely cheap. We don’t get soap or shampoo. We get soap like they have despensers in the tubs and showers that are like the cheap soap in public bathrooms and you’re supposed to use that for your body and hair.

They provide toothpaste and toothbrushes very cheap, and no alcohol mouthwash very cheap. Pads are terrible. Umm female talk coming up, but imagine like those really small thin pads that’s all they have! Which doesn’t work for many people.

We only get snacks once a day at night and it’s usual animal crackers or really hard cookies. I’ve already talked about the main meals at Albany so you know how bad the food is. Even if it was good you still need snacks during the day!

So I was just thinking how these places whether they mean to or not, like keep you stuck there. Like how are you supposed to save to even move out? It’s just ridiculous. Most people spend their $30 on cigarettes and coffie and then just keep stealing and stuff to get more.

I wonder if people have spoken up to someone at the state level about how bad it is we’re only given this small amount. Of course right now, in the skeme of things that’s the least of our problems. With no budget and Trump prowling around we’re lucky places like Albany are even open. We almost had a strike on Friday for union staff!

And I’ve heard of places that give residents less than Albany in terms of don’t even have towels for people. Hope that place shut down but anyway.

As I will say a million times Jess and I would never ever move without knowing we had the basics, which we still do here even if it’s like cheap food, we still have meds a safe room to stay in and so much more. But the money thing gets me because it limits you to the facility and that’s it.

Will post my fundraiser stuff in a separate post

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