Good meeting with Jonathan and had to raise my funding goal

Hey everyone,

So today was really good. Jess and I caught Jonathan sitting in the assistant director’s office with the door open, she’s on vacation right now, and he had time to sit down and talk about things.

He was very impressed about all I’ve done! He’d never really heard of fundraising pages LOL! He asked if you don’t get all the money do you hit a button and it all goes back to the people that gave it? I’m like no!

But anyway he was really happy with all the work I’ve done. He said when he hears me talk he can hear the excitement!

Now to approach my parents. We started rightly with my Dad because he’s very honest and straightforward and not emotional so he won’t freak out.

Jonathan said I should talk to him and tell him everything and then write and tell Jonathan what the answer is and then he’d talk to him. And figure out exactly what my parents financial and personal limits are. Which is why I love this guy he’s such a good emotional detective and he just gets people to be honest. He’s like we’ll talk man to man I’m like yeah!!

That’s why my Dad shoulda had a male therapist instead of this weird woman he got for ten weeks who said he was just fine LOL

Anyway about limits they’re gonna be there and it’s really sad.

So I knew that them selling the house and mom’s medical issues have been ongoing. To the point Jonathan has been like we can’t keep waiting for that to resolve itself because it’s a chronic thing that we either have to figure out how to visit them around that or tell the truth or something.

But I didn’t know things had gotten into such crisis. Apparently they’re like putting the for sale sign up this weekend! And he doesn’t think the house will sell by august but hey it’s a good house! It better not sell too quick because they don’t have any idea of where they’d move to yet! But yeah didn’t think the house thing was that pending.

And my mom is just doing horribly with her hip issues and her spinal disks thing and waiting way too long to get it done and then having to get all new testing, and I guess her appointment in boston was supposed to be the 9th, but this doctor is so booked (boston doctors rule!) that she got pushed back to the 30th. And just found out I think yesterday. And is just as my dad put it “totally under the weather!”

He said she might need a wheelchair. Don’t know how serious he was but he usually doesn’t say stuff like that. I said I’d push her into walls. We had a good conversation on stuff. It was pretty much what I thought he was straightforward on it and down to earth, he said he really wanted to see me wanted to make it work but he just had to really be careful about when he told mom and how he did it.

Jess and I are totally flexible on whatever works for them. We just don’t want to stay at strangers houses or anything. Jonathan had said maybe if the hotel room costs were too high and that was an issue maybe we could get driven back and forth from the conference. But it sounds like the house might be the issue.

To reflect this, and be on the safe side we added the extra hotel room nights to the $625 we had originally put up. Which by the way I have almost $100!

So the new total is 1020 minus a hundred which is whatever LOL

I feel bad for raising the goal so early in the fundraiser which I read isn’t wise that it’s better to have the fundraiser gain momentum first and then raise. If only we heard about this in like may!!

I can always change it which is why it’s good about this site.

I just hate asking for money and those fundraising FB groups are just full of people in such need! Like everything you can imagine: medical bills, school, rent, animal bills, just so sad ya know?

When I get my SSI back assuming I have the money per month after paying rent somewhere/ all my personal costs I plan to donate at least $5 somewhere every month. Because it’s so needed.

For suspicious people like I was before Sunday, these sites are not scams and won’t harm your computer. Ask Robert KingettLOL

So anyway it was a good conversation I believe my dad and I are really on the same page and we’ll just have to s see what happens.

I’m just sad about the house issue I really wanted to see the house before they sold it and take some good youtube videos and pictures. I’m hoping if we can’t stay at the house we can go over there so I can hug Lucky to death. And listen to Toby’s new I’m a deafy dog and I bark for hours trick.

Yeah don’t know what’s going on there.

So yeah it was a pretty good day. This thing is gonna be a rollercoaster though! Jonathan said Jess and I should have a conversation while it’s still possible that I may go, about what it will be like if it all falls through. He has this awesome way of gently preparing you for crisis before there’s even a crisis. I wish everyone had him for a therapist!

Will keep you updated.


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