planning the trip is back on! hotel room reserved!

Hey everyone,

So as you know from my post the other day, I was sure I could not do the trip. Just was overcome with anxiety around whether my parents could pay or not.

And how long we would have to wait without paying anything or have to pay something and then get charged or something!

But since Toby died it just compelled me to find a way. When Anna of all people, heard about everything she really wanted me to reconsider. Tell them I made a mistake and go back to planning.

Worried they’d think I was really weird I contacted them and explained everything. This lady was awesome! She said for the hotel and conference we have up to forty eight hours before to cancel and won’t be charged.

So that’s a huge relief. And we don’t have to pay when we book and can cancel nights we book if needed so we did.

We booked it that Thursday through Wednesday. And it’s a relief to have done.

I told my dad it’s on again but told him all the positive stuff about how we can cancel almost right up to the day and that I have $246 and that I’m happily fundraising. He called me meathead.

He’ll have fun talking to my absolutely stressed to the max mom as they’re still literally not sure when the house will sell. Dad said it’s not likely they’ll be just gone in august but it’s possible if they get a good offer. Which really amuses me because they have no idea where they’re gonna live.

But anyway now I just have to keep fundraising.

So please please share my paypal link as donations to there are the full amount instead of youcaring processing the payment and taking some out

Just share share away like you’ve never shared something before! Pretend your mom sent it to you and if you don’t share it you’ll get grounded LOL


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