Sad sad news Toby was put to sleep Wednesday night

Hi everyone,

Am very sad to report Toby our lovable and crazy yellow lab we’ve had for 12 years was put to sleep Wednesday afternoon.

For a long time the vet was sure he had some mass on his spleen but didn’t want to touch it because the dog could die in surgery. He had other issues getting older like hind legs going, back going hearing loss and constant barking.

My mom was the one to always take care of him so it has hit her the hardest. This vet we had for him was amazing we would drive about forty minutes away to see him because he’s one of the best. He had a seizure Tuesday night and after that was totally pacing, not moving not wanting to eat or anything. The vet felt the fluid in his stomach and could just tell it was time.

Krissy rushed home from Maine in two hours and was the one that took him along with my parents.

I wasn’t extremely close to him I’m not a dog person but he was still my dog. He’d be in the car all the time when my mom drove me places. Especially when I went to community college she’d drop me off and then Toby would have a bagle at the bagle shop. That was before we learned he was allergic to everything under the sun. But yeah. He knew what “watch your tail” meant in the car so his tail didn’t get hit by the door.

He was pretty smart. All our animals knew I was blind so I they didn’t get stepped on. But yeah it’s very sad. My big depression/ anxiety thing has been about losing my pets and family and everyone and not being able to see them.

Which is why I have to do everything I can to make this trip work.

Now there’s jjust poor lonely Lucky. My very special cat. He’ll be very lonely I’m sure.


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