unexpected great conversation with mom! Who’s totally on board with the vacation

Hey everyone,

Had a really good day.

This shows how you never know how my mom is gonna react to anything.

So I hadn’t actually talked to her for a few weeks. Because she works, and she was really busy with Toby and her back and everything.

So we talked today and she was so depressed obviously. Because of Toby. And I guess she/ the vet especially thought that he was gonna live another six months to a year. Which I didn’t know at all and was kinda surprised by. He sounded pretty bad every time I talked to people about him, and when I told other lab owners and his barking over anxiety was really not good.

But I can see how it really hit her if she was expecting a year.

So she took down his cage and just everything. She was sitting home alone. So we talked about that for awhile. Talked about her back which I guess she’s keeping getting her tests done. And I guess she can call the hospital in boston and be put on the cancelation list.

She was saying for the third time how much she missed me. So I took a breath and said I’ll just totally forget this if it’s gonna make you upset but…

And I told her about my new friends. The conference, the waived fees. The chance to see them and do something awesome! The fundraising our plan for how many days we’d like to be there.

She loved it! She’s like that doesn’t make me depressed that makes me happy! Now I have something to focus on!

And she said that we’ll be able to stay at the house, that no one knows when it will sell but it’s a day at a time thing, meanwhile let’s hope for the best and really try and do this. So yeah!

We can take the nonconference days off the bill for the hotel room which really makes me happy! Though it’s still gonna be high I can’t believe they literally have a $20 fee for like checking in! I’m gonna call and ask if there are other fees for stuff. It is a boston hotel that’s amazingly low priced. Hey Jess and I totally deserve a luxury vacation!

But the best part will be seeing the house. Was sitting at dinner totally mentally walking through the house, more like running! I used to run up and down the stairs, never held the railing. Scared first time sighted people paranoid about blind people falling! I was also mentally feeling the car pull into our driveway and being like I’m home!! I’m home! Sammy Squeal!!!

But I also know things will not be the same. No toby. No simon. Probably lots of stuff taken down/ put away. I’m hoping they’ll put some stuff back in my room so it looks somewhat like my room. I had this beg desk where I had my desktop computer, Braille blazer printer (ugh that thing was such a pain!) and everything. They took that all out. I know the desk was very annoying though because it squeaks and lucky would use it like a trampoline to make noise in the morning. Not that his meow isn’t loud enough. My mom put it on speaker.

So yeah I’m just like I could go through the ceeling excited!!

I’m sure I’ll come back to wearth when money issues happen or some anxiety happens or Jonathan throws some “we need to be prepared for everything so am gonna ask you a question” topic at me.

But for now hearing my mom is actually happy about this like makes my month!

Literally, I could have called her thinking she’d love it and she woulda gone off so loud you could all hear her through my cell! Which by the way I need to get a new phone. Hoping for a flip phone will not get any kinda high tech iphone just no!

So yeah. Very exciting news of the day

Here’s my paypal again just in case people didn’t see it earlier LOL


And I added a video to my fundraiser page. Which I’ve gotten $295 yay!!

Virus-free. www.avast.com

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