My phone died!

I got my phone in 2009 This was so you know, my second phone ever! My first phone I got in 2004 while insisting I didn’t need a cell phone! At the time I hardly had anyone to call.

I’m glued to my laptop more than my phone. But when I do get talking to people I talk for like an hour at a time.

I’m on a family plan and must not be killing the minutes because no one’s complained about it. We can get free government phones. Not sure they have voice stuff though for the blind. Good thing Jess has hers.

Anyway for like the past um at least six months mom and I have been like you need a new phone how are we gonna get you a new phone?

Kinda complicated when the phone store she uses, with the nice staff she has worked with for years is across the country.

But mom had a sort of plan that I wasn’t thinking too much about until now. For the past couple months at least the phone has been doing awesome tricks like randomly shutting off, making weird noises and just being temperamental. Had a regular long call with mom yesterday. I will always tease Kat, my deafy chatterbox that she wore out my phone LOL! Because she was calling it today while it was charging.

But whenever Jess walked by usually she sees it charging up. Either it was making noise like it was dying or doing nothing. So after dinner we took a close look. Jess blew the dust off, we took out the battery and put it back in. Plugged and unplugged stuff. Nothing.

Mr. J did get a battery a few months back I think in December or something. But I think the whole thing just died.

So mom’s plan is to take these flip phones she’s had that haven’t been used, and see if they can activate it and then send to me. Then Mr. J and I take a field trip to Verizon around here and they put everything in the phone.

Hopefully this will take like a week or less because we have way more issues to worry about! Not that this isn’t top of the list now.

But to think all afternoon all I was thinking about was I haven’t gotten money today for my fundraiser and how to like fundraise better. Now I have real problems LOL!

But I have a theory. I think Toby killed my phone just to say hi. He’s probably bored just settling into being dead and so thought well I never got to say goodbye in person but she’ll notice this!

So we’ll have to see. I always feel a bit safer with my cell on me like even in my room because I’d rather call the front desk than pull the call light I just don’t like doing it never have.

But it’s only for a couple of days.

Just do not get me a smart phone!


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