Floor nurse we have had for two years is leaving

Hi everyone,

Just found out that the floor nurse we’ve had for two years is leaving. He gave his two week notice today. He was good enough to tell us so we have that warning. Lots of staff don’t and you find out the day they’re leaving or after, and I think that’s pretty unprofessional to do that to residents and even other staff! Sometimes staff in their own department don’t know other coworkers have left or are leaving which really confuses and saddens me but I don’t know work culture.

Anyway I know it will be chaotic with a new nurse. The nurse will have to be trained by a long term nurse, and often it’s the nurse that’s leaving if there’s the ability as in the timing is right. At this point he has school to go to and he doesn’t seem to care whether a new nurse comes while he’s still here. Which is fine we’ll have to see. I just hope they’re good. You get all your meds from your nurse, any incidents that happen, like the slightest scrape get reported to the nurse, if you’re in emotional crisis the nurse knows about it. So the nurses like it or not are a big part of life around here.

This transition is nothing new and I’m used to it. I know the routine of how all this works so well. And know it’s similar in other residential settings. I wish it weren’t that way but people do need to move on.

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