Three year anniversary of our double room!

Three years in our double room OMG yay!!

Three years ago today Mr. J had the crazy idea to put two cutters, the first active cutters I think they ever had here or at least in years, in the same room by themselves! It was the best idea he ever had! Well actually his best idea was my harm reduction care plan.

But anyway you have no idea the anxiety of both being in a room with three other people, or the 26 observation room made me and Jess feel. So many episodes happened with us because of noise in the hall, roommates coming and going and just other stuff. Once he figured out we’re the only compatible roommates for each other, that’s when he decided on the room.

It’s been a tough year for Jess. When she’s been in a crisis they’ve taken her out of the room and to the observation room. And I know why they do it because of stupid protocol mostly, but I always worry that she won’t be able to come back here. But she always has. I haven’t scratched since November 2015!

In other good news I have $484 yay!!


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