Solidifying our trip!

Hey everyone,

Haven’t posted in forever! Been very stressed about no phone and this trip!

Last night was awake til two in the morning really reminded me of my pre ativan/ Benadryl days! My stuffed animals and dolls were not happy to be kept up that long neither was Jess LOL

I literally went online and looked at flight costs at midnight.

But then talked to my mom today and she’s gonna book the flight as long as Jonathan can find a time to get us on the plane safely on that Thursday.

Slight change in plans that’s kinda sad. Since my parents are literally having to leave the house at any minute as they’re selling, we can’t stay til Thursday. My sister put it really nicely and I guess it’s just so stressful for the three of them trying to live there and basically make it not look like they’re living there! And with mom with her back and stuff it must be really hard. But we will be going out on Thursday as planned. Can hang out on Friday til the conference. Can stay Monday night. Will leave mid day Tuesday or early Wednesday.

So at least that’s set which makes me feel better.

Other interesting news. Jess and I have been seriously looking into moving back to MA next year. Like actually putting out info on what we’re looking for. I found these places called housing co-ops people share house responsibilities and rent and stuff. Cuts costs. Many are artests and actavists and over all relaxed friendly people. We think that would work for us. Even with support services coming in if we got help for household stuff we’d still be just us two by ourselves in an apartment and to me that’s overwhelming. Knowing there are others there would make a big difference and I love the idea of sharing resources.

Have been meeting all sorts of wesome people on facebook groups who are open and friendly.

So the other thing I was doing was writing up a little info thingy on what Jess and I are looking for.

So that’s done yay!

We’re thinking if Mr. J absolutely can’t take me to the phone store Mom will help us get it when we’re back in MA. Usually talking to mom stresses me out. But a lot of things especially talking about the house/ staying stuff Krissy handled which was good.

So yeah I’m all excited!


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