Well flight is finally booked and moreJonathan craziness

Hey everyone,

Well today I only cried like a quarter of the day instead of half the day and actually took an ativan so that’s good I guess.

So what happened last night was my mom got on her angry side and left a very nasty message for Jonathan saying that if he didn’t call her she would call the director and if they didn’t help her she’d call the news station in our state!

It was the funniest moment of the day because I don’t think a boston news station can report on something in another state but I’m sure Robbie has that answer.

My dad also textd him something I’m not sure what probably along the same lines.

So hat do ya know he calls them back at like ten at night.

And acts like nothing is wrong/happened! Said that an earlier flight is best, well they had like no choice in the matter anymore because there were only early ones left! And that he’d take us to the airport. Kinda concerned if his record for doing that is like it has been the past week and a half.

So my mom and Krissy were able to look at flights and stuff. And we have a six AM one!

But at least we’re totally booked now. I wasn’t surprised when Mom said she talked to him and he acted like nothing happened. Today I was determined to have him help us with the last of things and let him have it over the past week and a half craziness.

Well before lunch he replied to Jess’s text saying not today for a meeting. I’m like are you kidding! I was all ready to send my mom at him again. But on the way from lunch we ran into him.

He had good intentions but his whole reasoning for not being in touch showed he hadn’t been paying attention to anything anyone has been sending him the last couple weeks. He says oh I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and go take you to the phone store the same time as our meeting. I’m like no. The phone is done it’s not an issue anymore. My mom is gonna take us to the phone store when we get home

This was told to him multiple times right in the beginning of mom nicely starting to get in touch. And clearly saying she would take care of the phone please focus on airport stuff.

Then he said he’d take us to the airport. We will have backup not sure paratransit could take us so early in the morning but we can call I guess. Also a former staff member gave us her contact info if something goes wrong. I told her about Jonathan’s antics lately and she’s not pleased. She askd if we wanted her boss the ombudsman to confront him on it. But he and this woman get along so well I doubt it would do anything.

So anyway I went at him sarcastically asking why he thought we had to have a six AM flight? Before he could say anything I said it’s because you haven’t been in touch with my mom for the last week and a half where we could have gotten the same great airline with reasonable times for flights. That we wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of being up so early along with all the other anxiety. At this point I’m completely angry crying everything. He said that this had nothing to do with my mom not connecting with him over all this time, that the time of day was just better travel wise and getting around the airport and everything. I snapped whatever you can tell yourself that!

And he literally walked away.

So I know where he stands on everything obviously will take no responsibility.

Had a good meeting with Anna, and she was genuine and apologized for not being helpful in the past and she’s still learning. At this point any staff I feel comfortable with here is a bonus. I appreciated her heart felt hug.

So flights are officially booked! Had an emotional conversation with Krissy around sharing a bed with my mom. I was so freaking out about this because it would be the perfect opprtnity for her to say whatever she has to say about Jess and me and my illness, and what’s gonna happen in the future and everything else and I’m stuck in bed with her!

I cried because I just couldn’t hold that in anymore. It was something I planned to discuss with Jonathan the minute I heard about it but obviously that never happened. The support he was going to give my parents leading up to the trip and me obviously is not happening.

So Anna is going to do everything she can. She talked to my mom and my mom liked her. She didn’t know that was my caseworker. At least she’ll do stuff like make sure about the suitcases. Make sure about the PRN stuff which we think between caseworkers and the doctor will be fine. On top of everything I have to explain to nursing and other staff that while here I take one every so often there it will be the most stressful situation of my life! When I explain about how things were at home, our pets dying losing the house they do get it. It’s still up in the air about that we’d get the prns but I’m really hopping.

Those are the last things really. Then just packing doing laundry walmart and haircuts!

It’s so interesting talking to Krissy who does on some level get my issues but doesn’t realize how I need to repeat things in order to process and that not bringing them up makes things worse. It’s an autistic thing! Hopefully the rollercoaster is coming to a stop now.

Virus-free. www.avast.com

2 thoughts on “Well flight is finally booked and moreJonathan craziness

  1. Traveling is a huge deal, so much light & sound bouncing off of hard surfaces. Do you have good sunglasses & earplugs (almost typed earpigs) or headphones? That helps me a bit. Hope you have a safe and easy journey and that your visit turns out better than you expect.

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