Trip to walmart and yes to PRNS!

Hey everyone,

So woke up today and Jess got a text saying we can have our PRNS a small amount but whatever it’s better than nothingAm soo relieved and that takes like half the anxiety away!

I got to ride in the wheely cart was kinda irritable anxious during it all with crowds and narrow pathways and stuff. But we got everything spent way more than usually but we got a suitcase for Jess and other trip related stuff which is what the money is for.

Had burger king. Had the longest ride home but listened to a book on my super noise canceling headphones and that was good.

I am feeling a bit more trusting of Jonathan as he did manage to get Dr. Patel to agree which I don’t think anyone else would have. And he’s set up a time to take us 3 in the morning OMG! We’re soo gonna nap when we get home.

My mom said that she told her realtor that we would be there the days we’ll be there so she’ll do no showings then. So I guess my mom can do cooking like any other time! I’m happy but she’s obsessed with it.

To the point that after giving lots of options around the appointment on Tuesday the only one she’d go for is if We went to the appointment with the ride from concord. I guess both mom and Krissy have done so much driving. I’d rather have her not spend so much time tiring her self out cooking I care more about getting this stuff going than food right now. Of course having actual good food would be amazing!

So will have to look into the visitor ride thing. Hopefully can be done pretty quickly and hoping will be the last thing to get ready! We do want to bring all important documents there so that Andy has as much info as possible for this. Very excited to be thinking about all this but also terrified Can we really manage this? Jess went into total collapse and almost died. I would feel so responsible if she did this due to not having the support of the people here that she’s used to.

But I’m getting more and more fed up with so much of Albany! The hardest thing will for sure be finding a new therapist! That was part of my spiral in Chicago. I floated between interns and really there was nothing good at all so I gave up. I can’t do that now I need as much support as is possible.

Have been looking at this agency called Riverside that has all kinds of programs including day treatment, residential services, people who come to your house to look in on you ETC There are other similar agencies in the area.

Which makes me happy to have that kind of choice.

Two friends are being total cheerleaders around everything we’re doing and both give me hope that this will happen


One thought on “Trip to walmart and yes to PRNS!

  1. sam I hoipe you will get it all going and things start to happen and fast so you can get out of albany! It sounds like you need out of there. Good luck for the trip keep us posted ok? xx

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