Last things to prepare!

Hey everyone,

So OMGOMG we’re actually leaving on Thursday! Can’t believe it!

Tomorrow first thing will be to contact The Ride, paratransit, to see about visitor status. Then will e-mail Andy, the person at boston center for independent living to ask about what documents we might need to bring with us. I guess they usually don’t ask for much at the first visit but since we’re coming from out of state best to be prepared.

Then Tuesday Jess sees her therapist. Hopefully I’ll see Jonathan and he’ll actually call my parents like he’s promised ongoing to address any concerns, though him not communicating about the flight was the biggest concern ever!

So Tuesday will just chillax. And Wednesday we’ll pack everything up and go to bed early! Jess says take an ativan mid afternoon in hopes the night one will work faster and I’ll be more relaxed and go to sleep early that night. Don’t know if I’ll be anxious or excited or both. Then will wake up at three in the morning!! And Jonathan will take us to the airport!

Mom’s already planning meals yay actual good food!!

In other news have been obsessing about moving as usual. All these roommate adds, in addition to high prices that I don

‘t quite understand how everything adds up because I’ve never handled finances in housing, soo many only want one roommate! It’s like hello we come as a set!

Plus everyone’s looking for September and we would want to move at the earliest December.

So yeah but anyway.

Umm let’s see. Got blocked for the first time in my life on FB. Really good seeming new friend and we were mutually supportive I thought. Then she just blocked me. Well I might have suggested we room together LOL but I was totally like no pressure! And not sure if she saw the message cause she said messenger wasn’t working Anywaty then people in group I met her in said I’m posting excessively and not giving space for others but literally no one else posts in the group.

So who knows! The person said I’m using the group like my personal FB page. I wanted to say I have one of those already LOL! Seriously I was supportive like OMG!

So that was interesting. Now just tired and chillaxing.


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