About Sam

Hi my name is Sam, short for Samantha. I’m 26 years old. I’m originally from   Massachusetts have lived in Acton, my parents still do, and went to Lesley university in Cambridge. I have a Bachilors of science  in counseling psychology. I also took several courses in expressive arts therapy so though not an official minor for all intents and purposes it is.

I made a huge move in June 2012 to live at Friedman Place in chicago IL. One of two supportive living facilities in the country  specifically for the blind. I  spent a wonderful year and a half there. I’ll tell the full story in  a post but the  short verssion is that the staff at Friedman have very little knowledge of mental illness which I struggle with in one degree or another day to day. And very little interest/ info about services. So you have to be your own advocate. This was a strain on me from the beginning, but in november 2013 a seizure  (due to a medication) pushed my brain chemistry over the edge. I had my first psych hospitalization.  I realized that Friedman was not the place for me due to my mental illness. And so I was discharged to Albany  Care an intermediate care  facility for people with mental illness in Evanston just outside Chicago.

In this blog I will discuss day to day life. I’ll post my videos and youtube channil,  facebook ETC so that all my info is in one place. I’ll do book reviews and highlight other information that I find online that have to do with disabilities or mental illness. One of my jobs is working with Robert Kingett who is one of my best friends. You may know of him. He’s pritty famous in the blind/ journalism/  GLBT

world. So I’ll discuss articles of his and he’ll likely comment on things. He will also be  my blog webmaster or whatever you want to call it. I hope others will come to this blog and find hope and an ally in the disability/ mental health world and something that catches their interest. I’m passionate about meeting as many different people as possible with different needs and struggles and comming together for support in our daily  sometimes impossible feeling challenges. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “About Sam

  1. Hello. I just wanted to write in and let you know I found your blog via Twitter. I have heard of Robert Kingett but we’ve not met in person. I am helping him out though with the Accessible Digital Project. I’ve also heard of Friedman Place and Albany Care. I invite you to check out my website, which I think will be automatically linked to right here. If not just reply here and I’ll be glad to give out the URL. Thanks and have a good one.

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