tired day

So today I was very tired. Was supposed to be part of a referral only DBT group here at Albany. Was just very grumpy and did not want to go! So after throwing several I don’t wanna go! Fits I didn’t go. LOL Then after lunch we had our room deep cleaned so had to sit in the dayroom on six. The only thing that brightened my day was seeing Kate my deaf friend and learning the sign for “how”

Then I came back and actually had a bit more energy and just did online stuff.

So yeah. Edith will probably not be happy with me for not going to DBT. I don’t want to go because it’s too early in the morning. And I don’t feel I need it as I no longer self-harm.

So yeah that was my day kinda all over the place. Oh and started reading another good book.

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3 thoughts on “tired day

    • Hi. Thanks! I haven’t done it fully. I did some at a day program but then the therapist who did it left. I know it’s mainly for BPD which I don’t have but know it’s helpful for other things. I think it’s cool it’s being offered here finally as I feel it is important for some people. Just like I said don’t know mainly it’s the morning time. Ten thirty might sound silly to not be awake but yeah I’m not awake LOL! We’ll see. Edith will probably convince me of it I don’t know. I’m so glad it’s helped you and given you something to go back to.

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